40 Ways To Entertain Kids While Lying Down

I thought with all the moms here who have days they can't do much, but they still have to care for their children, and for grandparents who are babysitting and sick at the same time, this article might be helpful.

Click here: http://bit.ly/Nbtlzp


Sheila,this is a great idea! Thanks for the resource! I'm sure a lot of fibro mommies will get use out of this.

That is brilliant! I thought I'd take a look for "when" I have children; now I'm thinking I can adapt for when I have surprise visits from family who think I'm magically better all of a sudden.

Fantasitic idea, Sheila! I may use some of these with the great grandson! The little cars always work with him!

Hope that you are having a good day!

Bump so others can read it.

Love this. Thank you!!

Thank you as for I’am raising my stepdaughters two children who are special needs and it’s very hard some days thanks melissa

There's some good ideas here. I had olivia , my god-daughter last week (she's 3 1/2). And I laid on her bed while she played with her kitchen and served me tea and cake. Then she covered me up with four, yes four of her blankets and she pretended to be the mommy. It took all I could do to keep from laughing.

I love this link. Tonight and most days lately this is what my son and I do… Netflix is my best friend.

#12 If I’m under the weather, we have a jammie day. My little ones stay in their jammies, make tents with pillows and folding tables, and take bowls of snacks into the tent. And I keep the DVR or Netflix at my fingertips. – Mama2aCrew

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I run a support group and am putting together a special section of resources for this topic, so I welcome suggestions of articles, ideas, etc for me to add to my list. :)