A ray of hope

My hubby and I are in Atlanta for my parents’ 50th anniversary celebration and are staying at a hotel. When we arrived last week, a lady on the elevator asked me if I was in pain and I told her I had a headache and went on my way. My hubby ran into her a couple of nights ago and they got to talking. She is a nurse at piedmont hospital in Atlanta and has gotten me in to see an internist there that she says is the best and is really good at finding problems that other people miss and at treating autoimmune diseases, which she believes fibromyalgia is.

I really hate to get my hopes up but my symptoms have been sooooooooo bad the last few days, along with the appearance of new symptoms, that I am ready to try almost anything.

I would appreciate any prayers you can send my way. Will let you know what happens.



Oh, MB, that's simply WONDERFUL!!! It seems like it's meant to be. First Sunny gets help and now you! This is incredibly exciting!!! I can't wait until you go and give us updates!

I hope it does work out for you. That would be so wonderful!



Please keep us posted, I will keep you in prayer !!! :slight_smile:

You'll be in my prayers MBP-P. That a pretty awesome story how that happened. I love it. I wish you luck.



Hey girlfriend, you have to hold onto hope, a ray, a thread, a drop, anything you can grab and hold on to! I take this as a very good sign, what better referral could you possibly have?

This is fate girl, go for it! I'm with you on this one!



Ok, well we are home. We saw the internist in Atlanta this morning. He said that while I may, and probably do, have fibro, it does not explain all my symptoms. He is concerned about the problems I have with swallowing and scheduled a modified barium swallow and an endoscopy for August 20 and 21. He believes my problem is neurological so I am also going to a neurologist in Atlanta on August 21. It was so nice to go to a doc that actually listened and at least appeared to be halfway intelligent. So totally exhausted- gonna nap now. Hope you all have a great night. Hugs. MB

Thats great news MB! You never know who you will meet unexpectedly. I hope you will find a great deal of help from this you realy deserve it too.

Best wishes and prayers sent your way, and of course hugs!


Thanks sweetie! Have a great night. Still so very tired. Wonder how long it will take me to recover from this trip? Yuck

My appt. at UAB isn’t until the end of September so we are giving this a go since the neurologist is in the same place as the GI guy.

Wow, neurological, huh? That's something I wouldn't have thought of. Well, it's nice that he's put you on the path to another specialist who may be able to track down what's currently going on with you regarding the spasms and swallowing. I just hope that nothing else is wrong, and it is "just" the fibro. Or else, if it's something wrong, that it's something easily fixed.

It's a very good thing you went to him. Will you go back again at another time for follow up, or was this a one time thing?

Take care and try to sleep well. I hope you are fine after the trip. Will put that in my prayers.

Thanks for the prayers. I actually slept for a solid 7 hours. What a relief!

Aaaaah thats good MB. I hope you get settled back to "normal" asap. Is it a long way to go to see neuro again in a couple of weeks? You will be glad to get rid of the throat problems no doubt.

It’s about 4 hours. We will stay a few days. Went to the ent today and I go back Monday to have some balance tests as I have been having a lot of dizziness, coordination, balance issues. Such fun! I think this trip just wore my a** out!

Lol MB! 4 hours is pretty hard going but it could be worse I guess. Let me know how you get on because I have really bad problems with that too. I faint a lot as well but the doc said its prob low blood pressure, as its mostly when I stand up "too quick" (hahahahhaha!!) I can't do anything too quick but I couldn't be a**ed to argue with him...

Yes, it could be worse but going to atlanta last week showed me just how far I haven’t gotten. I seem to be having my worse days ever. Docs are too damned quick to attribute every single symptom to fibro or CFS or whatever. Low,blood pressure explains some things but not all just as fibro does. I am so sick of these feckin doctors. If I never have to see another one, I will be happy. Just leave me alone to crawl in my hole and keep the meds coming. When I eventually kick off, have a big party for me as I will be healthy and happy forevermore! And when I get to heaven, I will eat sweet potato fries, cheese grits and chocolate peanut butter ice cream throughout eternity. Can I hear an “amen, sistah!”

Amen, sistah! But not for many more years, mind you.

And don't forget to include dogs in the "heaven" list too.

MBP, I agree with you. YOU know your body best. If something is wrong that seems "beyond" the fibro/CFS "norm" then I urge you to keep checking it out because I suspect that you're right. Our bodies seldom lie to us about these matters. By now, you know the fibro stuff. If something is very different, then it is time to explore it and find out what's going on.

We are our own best advocates when it comes to being ill. I can't tell you how many different diagnosis I've had for the EXACT SAME problem. Obviously somebody must be wrong and somebody must be right (hopefully.) All we can do is muddle along, going to yet another doctor, hoping to find the one who knows...

But it surely helps remove the veil of mystique we've covered them in. When I think of the doctor who wanted to do fusion surgery on my back (which is major surgery where they carve your back up and pray it heals back in one piece)...when the problem WASN'T my slightly bulging disc...I get very frightened. You REALLY have to watch out for the quacks.

I said a"AMEN SISTAH!" If you look carfully at the back of the hole I have already built you a generous stash of yummies, in case you need to hibernate for couple of days too. If you run out just give me a shout.