Air conditioning, friend or foe?

Too hot to be without it, but cold air blowing over me is just the worst. If I can tolerate it at all, it has to come from a room that I am not in! Anyone else?

Wow, SK, quite the dilemma! I can't answer cause don't have a/c in the house but I am so sorry that you're experiencing this. With your problems it must be absolutely killer for you with the a/c. Does staying in the other room help at all? I don't know how you cope with this aspect of your disease, SK.

I am very sensitive to cold I find. I alwys dress in layers which includes some sort of undershirt or cami even in summer bcse the AC makes me too cold. My office mates can't believe I bring a sweater to work when it is 98 degrees outside but even mild AC gets me. Fans don't seem to bother me but have to be rotating not stationary. This has been a problem much of my life but has gotten worse in recent yrs.

Are you a knitter? A cozy shrug or light shawl may make you feel better. I have my alpaca wool shawl wrapped around me now against the morning air and it feels so good!!!

WIsh i could help more!


No, I am not a knitter, my grandmother tried many times to teach me, never had the knack, but I did embroidery with her. I have always loved things knitted, loomed, quilted, nothing like a beautiful textile!

I always have a jacket or sweater with me, and know about the layering! Never did rain today, so the screaming facets, and SIs have to be the A/C, even from the next room! Oh, lucky me! LOL! Just one more challenge!