Airline travel

Does anyone notice a flair up after flying?? Every time I fly, I am achy the next day. I think I am sensitive to changes in air pressure. I know I am to the barometric pressure changes in the weather.

Yes, I flare up when I fly. Not sure if it is change in air pressure or the sitting in one position for a long period of time. When I flew to Europe I was on a plane for nine hours straight and I knew it would be hard so I kept getting up and walking and walking around the plane. I think that helped me survive the trip. I am totally sensitive to barametric pressure changes. I can predict the weather before the weathermen do. Sort of like grandma's bunion :")

Thanks for the info. Sometimes you think you're crazy! But It's happened too many times. I even had it happen in Arizona when I drove to Sedone, 5,000 ft above sea level and came back down on the same day! Ugh.

I haven't noticed but what you said makes sense.

If you notice a pattern with your flares after being on a plane, I'd say there's a relationship.