Alternative Physicians, what they do vs. Conventional Mainstream Physicians

I thought these links might help to distinguish between the many different type of medicine that are practiced and types of doctors.

Homeopathic doctors....

Integrative/holistic doctors....

Naturopathic doctors....

Conventional mainstream/allopathic doctors....

System in which medical doctor and other healthcare professionals ( nurses, therapists, pharmacists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation or surgery. Also referred to as allopathic medicine, conventional medicine, biomedicine, orthodox medicine and Western medicine

Thank you Allergic for the information. After having so many problems with the meds that seem to help others, I think its time for me to try something different.


I tried many meds over the years and finally said "that's it, no more drugs." Got sick of listening to the mainstream doctors and their drug pushing ways. That's when I went towards alternative medicine. Actually, my orthopedic surgeon advised me to see an naturopath. He said "there's something else systemic going on in your body and you won't find it by seeing mainstream doctors. Best advice I ever got.

I've been off meds now for several years. Tramadol is the last and I went into atrial fibrillation from it and ended up in the ER. I'll stick with the diet changes that helped me the most and allowed me to go off the medications.

I chose to do whatever it takes to reduce my stress level, and to see an alternative type doctor who helped me get on a better diet that reduced my pain levels. We are all works in progress, but just taking drugs is a viscious cycle and you lose in the end. Just my opinion from what I've experienced. The drugs that are prescribed for fibro do not heal your body, and some mess up your mind. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying something different.

I really hope you find a good doctor that can do something better for you.

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Thanks for such info, this will be a big part of our reference material. You have really helped to archive some great go to help for the group.

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Alternative medicine and it's benefits are finally coming to light. Doctors are starting to network more with one another. Alternative practitioners are reaching out and offering eduction to conventional doctors. One of the naturopaths that treated me holds regular seminars for conventional doctors to attend so that they can blend the two forms of medicine together in their practices. If that's not possible, then they can refer their patients on to the alternative docs. It's a good sign that things are going in a better direction.

It can't go on the way it is because patients are getting too sick from the side effects of the rx drugs and developing more problems. If alternative and conventional can work together, we would have the best of both worlds and much better outcomes.

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This is a very good sign, getting Chiropractors into the Veteran's health care system is too! Now we need them in the hospital ERs! And we need Insurance Companies to start PAYING for them, and all other alternative medicines! WE need to all start being heard about it!

Wouldn't that be wonderful, to have medical coverage for alternative "supplements"!! They just kill the budget but they really work. It can happen. Years back chiropractic was never covered, now medicare covers it. If patients keep demanding it, it will happen.

When supplements are covered then we will only be able to get them from an MD and they are working very hard to make that happen anyway, that will be the down side, but maybe some of the garbage will have to go. My Chiropractor said that most americans take vitamins that will never help them, because they have no quality ingredients in them, that is why I only purchase pharmaceutical grade supplements!

That's the bad side of it as discussed in this following link. Dr. Peters is my doctor.

You're welcome avenk. :')

There have been a lot of questions about alternatives to medications lately. Thought I'd bring this back. Allergic, you gave us some great resources. Thank you.


Thanks Kitty, good idea to bring things back for review by those who haven't read it. :')