Anyone bothered by cold? Comforted by heat?

It hurts me to be cold, physically. My sweet baby boy, 2 years old, sprayed me with the garden hose. I was so stuck there in so much pain I couldn’t breathe to tell him to stop. Luckily my adult daughter saw and stopped him. He was just trying to play, I wasn’t angry, but I was in pain the rest of the evening and now a flare has started. I will just go out and sit in the sun and watch him play…hose disconnected. Does cold bother anyone else?

yes, it does, Kimberly but usually when it's cold weather. That hurts like crazy.

Your experience sounds so unpleasant! What a shame that a once beloved treat has become an enemy. This illness stinks!

Yes, cold bothers me and a sudden burst of cold water (like when you put the shower on and the water is not warm yet)just frazzles me and my muscles cramp up. Wind does the same thing and flares the fibro symptoms up really bad. A few years ago I went on a motorcycle (duh) and, from the wind, I was in a major flare up for three weeks solid. It's a shame, fibro really alters your life.

Oh my gosh! That's awful for both of you! It seems bloody unfair to be bothered by cold air and water. No wonder you're stressed and tired and in pain. Too much negative stimulation.