Anyone taking Theramine?

I have been taking Fluoxotine for over 10 years for seritonin uptake to help manage the pain and has worked fairly well. Lately though I have been having more and more flareups and came across an article for Theramine and it’s use with Fibro. Was wondering if anyone is using this in conjunction with their regular Fibro meds. From my understanding it is used as a pain reliever like Tylenol or Ibuprophen. Have an upcoming rummy apt and was wondering if I should ask Dr. to prescribe this

Hi, I have not heard of theramine. I read about it a bit and it sounds interesting except for it being very pricey at over $300 for a months supply. All the best,

Wow that is pricey - I will need to check and see if it is covered by my insurance policy. I can’t take the lyrica or cymbalta - had bad side effects with both. The fluoxotine has been keeping pain manageable. I started going through the “change” about 2 years ago, and I know that has something to do with the frequent flares I have been having. In the last several months they have become more frequent and more intense. You know how it gets when the pain becomes so intense - you will try anything :). Huggs back !