Apparently Im Unbreakable!

Was working a Seahawks game this evening and managed to drop a FULL KEG on my left foot. That was just before halftime. I had to close two stands down at the end of the night. And then walk 12 blocks to the car, drive 44 miles home to figure out it was a lot worse than I thought it was. So then I drove to the hospital 15 miles away for them to tell me that its just a contusion! However the ER doc said that had the xrays not been done she would have casted it because she thought it was broken. So I have to go back and have more done because there could be fractures hidden by the swelling.

Hugs too all

Ouch! Now I feel lucky that I didn't drop anything on MY foot when I was moving furniture today while wearing flip-flops.

Next time drink half the keg so it won't be so heavy! j/k ;^)

Oh Geez! A rotten week for you, huh, Punkin? Frankly I don't know how you managed to do all that you did after dropping the keg on your foot. Maybe from an adrenaline rush from the game? At any rate, I hope you didn't break it!!! Were you actually carrying the keg or moving it? Tsk, tsk, tsk, not something you should be doing with fibro, m'dear.

Let us know how that foot of yours is! And try to keep off it tonight - no more lugging of kegs around, even in your house, hee hee.

There ya go!

Usually I don’t lug the kegs around. But I only had two taps and both beers went out at the.same time. It was almost half time and if I didn’t switch them I would have had a riot on my hands! Soooo, I went to move it off the top straddling two kegs underneath it and just the.momentum I had going with it and didn’t have time to stop it.

Its still in pain. With crutches I can put a little weight on the outter edge but.can’t put weight on the whole foot.

Thanks for the thoughts its greatly appreciated!

Lol I would have requested a candy stripped pink and black cast! Still may need one, hopefully not but its still a good chance I may have too!

I just haaaad to drop a keg on the top of the arch of my foot. Ite numb all the way up to mid calf.

I truely hope its not broke.

Nothing like having a man around when you need one! Punkin' of all people who should never lift a keg, it is you, my friend, but I totally understand the supply and demand deal! Especially in that setting!

You are doing some very physically demanding work, just make sure you told them it happened at work!

Hope you are OK, girlfriend! Keep the ice packs on that! Good luck with the results, hope it is okay. You are going to get to be waited on for a couple of days!

Take care of yourself!



How are you doing today, Punkin? Wising you well.

Thanks Sk… it still hurts but don’t know if I need another x ray ill see about it Monday morning. Sigh.

You might want to get one Punkin. I fell one time playing tennis and hurt my wrist. Went to the doc, got xrayed and they said it wasn’t broken. 2 weeks later, back to the doc, ortho this time. Got xrayed and said it wasn’t broken. 4 weeks later to the hand and wrist specialist. Got xrayed and it was broken. Then I got a pretty hot pink cast for 6 weeks. Just be careful and don’t let it go too long or you can have long term problems. And stop manhandling those kegs. That is what a man is for. LMAO

Well that’s kindof what I am afraid of. It’s still swollen and I can put a little weight on side of my foot. But.not on the foot fully. And I won’t manhandle them anymore I promise. I still have that " I CAN DO IT!" attitude even though I should’t be LOL.

ouch!!! hope u r ok

Hi trix! Welcome to the group! Great to have you!

I just found your post, sorry I missed it. Best way to get a response is to post under 'discussions', for some reason, under discussions is the very best place as apposed to any other way! Feel free to add it as a discussion now, if you like!




Hate to say it kiddo but it sounds like you broke it. :-(

Whoot!!! Today a keg tomorrow tights and a cape!!

Omg I had a reply all typed out and had to let w dog out and it lost it! Ugh.

Went to the doc today and he said if the ER said the films looked good that the pain in the foot is because I crushed the nerves but didn’t break the foot. So let the swelling finish going down and we will go from there…

I actually work Seahawk games, Mariner games, Sounder games, concerts at centurylink field, and airy Arena and I also work Storm games and concerts at Key Arena.

Sadly I don’t get to watch anything except if sales are slow and I can watch the tv.