Bartanella or Cat Scratch Fever

I have recently been made aware that Cat Scratch Fever is a pathogen that is very difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to be cured from. The symptoms are almost identical and in fact are identical to Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases. I am in the animal industry and I was in fact diagnosed with car scratch fever in the early 90's. I thought I had gotten rid of it. I have since learned it is a stealth pathogen that is often accompanied with other pathogens that almost protect the Bartonella. I was informed that research is plugging along but everything takes time and it is difficult to get things going. However it is now thought that 90% of these autoimmune diseases may in fact be Bartonella. I was reading a blog the other day and this girl was just diagnosed with Bartonella because her doctor took the time to consider it and run tests. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else heard of this? I know I am VERY interested

Hello Lisa

I have never heard of Bartonella. Does this mean that it is started from a scratch from a cat?

Yes, I am interested and I would assume many other members would also be interested as many of us have pets including cats. So, I would say if you are researching this and have something to share with us we would be glad to become informed.

Thank you Lisa for starting this Discussion.

Wow, really interesting. I know that doctors take cat bites and scratches very seriously, advising emergency room treatment even if it's from our own indoor cat.

The symptoms seem to vary, and it looks like there are more distinct symptoms involved with Bartonella than with FMS. But it is linked to Lyme Disease, and as a bacterial infection, I think it probably triggers FMS to start, rather than mimic it. We'll definitely need to keep an eye on this !

Bartonella - CDC

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Great information Lisa, thanks !!

My source is a vet that has been suffering from it for 4 years and is barely staying on top of it. He became sick and contacted a friend of his that operates out of North Carolina. He has been following this disease and is working very closely with a brilliant researcher in Maryland. Even with overwhelming research to back up his claim this is just now getting the CDC to recognize this problem. Since my friend has had it the pathogen in his system has mutated 25 times. Right now the the doctor in Maryland is treating 200 Veterinarians that up to this point had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS. Believe me you will not find this accepted on the internet at this point because it is cutting edge. I have a blog I am following that's on Fibromayalgia and her daily struggles with it. Without me ever mentioning anything to her she came up with a post the other day that talked about how her naturopath ran blood work and after sometime found the Bartonellas pathogen...she contracted hers from a tick. You can pick it up from a variety of hosts such as horses, cows, dogs, mosquito, fleas, ticks, and humans. So do no be so quick to dismiss this....I am definitely going to get my blood drawn but it takes a long time to diagnose because it may take growing your blood on a medium for up to three months before the pathogen is detected....remember it is a stealth pathogen.

Wow, that's a new one on me! I've heard of cat scratch fever, sure, but never in terms of it potentially causing fibro or other autoimmune diseases. I think it's certainly a possibility. I mean SOMETHING causes these illnesses. I honestly do think that some of us have a "switch" in one of our genes that is usually on the "off" position but something puts it on the "on" position at some point in our life. Maybe cat scratch fever is one of the triggers that turns the genetic switch for fibro and auto-immune diseases "on."

What kind of test do you take to tell if you've had Cat Scratch Fever? I'd love to take the test, just to be sure.

Thank you for passing this information on. I just read your bio here and am so sorry that you're also stuck with the "fibro" affliction. But maybe you're on the right track in terms of discovering exactly what's ailing us and perhaps a cure isn't too far away.

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This is really quite terrifying, especially if it is mutating that quickly. They won't be able to keep up with it. And like you said, how many people are misdiagnosed right now?

I did read that it is transmitted by tick bite also, so that must be how Lyme Disease comes into it. A double whammy, 2 very serious diseases with one little bug bite.

Thanks for the info!

I am presently on Catalina Island CA and in three days will be moving back to Moab Utah in three days. I am going to speak to my doctor once I get there. The doctor my vet is using is one of those super achievers in Maryland who specializes in the heart, blood and one other system. He developed a medium for growing these super bugs that took the CDC forever to approve. I will find out what I can from my vet and maybe I can find out more on how to be tested....I know he had 36 vials of blood I said this is cutting edge and still very experimental. Will keep you posted



That's good Lisa because we are very interested.