Be free

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36). Many of God’s children hold grudges and harbor un-forgiveness. This is not living in the fullness of God. How can it be, when we who live in this world are bound by the hardness of these spirits? Harboring these feelings is blocking you from receiving the fullness of God, Who is LOVE. God is love (1 John 4:8). He forgave us and He created us in His image (Genesis 1:27).
Do we think He is pleased with or is willing to justify our emotions? God is a Father that cannot lie (Number 23:19). He is not a liar. He says in His word to forgive so the He may forgive us. How can the enemy fool God’s people in this manner? We are to forgive, not only others, but ourselves (Colossians 3:13). Un-forgiveness opens the door to many other things. It hinders our spiritual growth; it stops us from moving freely in the things of God because of lack of trust, and fear of being hurt. In a lot of cases it opens the door to sickness and infirmities.
Why allow something from the past to do all this? Give them and the situation to God and allow Him to fight for you and at the same time He will heal you. Disappointment in others is a part of life. No man on this earth is perfect. This is why we are to turn to Jesus as our-everything. He is a walking example of how not to depend solely on people. He was realistic about the disciple’s flaws and kept His eyes on God His whole walk. Be needy of God, not man. Let go of the hurt and forgive. God will do the rest.

I am writing this to say that we tend to get upset with family and friends for not understanding what we are going through. We are looking to them for strength and support when we should be looking to God. God will never leave us nor forsake us no matter what we are going through, but man always tends to be some kind of disappointment. Like I said, it could be our children, parents, brothers, sisters, significant others, etc...... So forgive those who don't understand, who don't want to support you, who you feel don't give you the time you feel you need from them, what you have to do is PRAY for God to open their hearts, minds, eyes and soul, and by doing this you leave this up to God to do HIs work in their lives on His time and at His will.....

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day! Stay Strong, Continue to Fight the Fibro Fight, WE ARE VICTORIOUS In the Name Of Jesus.....


I respect your opinion on the matter but I would like to make it clear that others may see things differently, regardless of your beliefs. Some people feel very frightened and lost without family and friends, and that is a very legitimate response. It is beautiful that you have God to hold onto but others may not share in your beliefs and we are here to reach out to them as well. Their pain is real and we here are here to help them thru their pain. It might make them feel shamed if they don't feel the spirit of God, and we don't want to shame them. Your beliefs are beautiful and meaningful and so are theirs. They just need encouragement and some compassion on our parts, so they can move on in life. And that's why we're here, to offer these things to them, as they richly deserve them, whether or not they follow God in the same manner as you do.

Peace to you,


Do not misunderstand me I am not trying to push anyone toward my beliefs. I do realize there are some people that are lost without family and friends, Isn't that why we are here in the first place???? Because I lean on God as a Higher Power, you can't fault me and I will share my strength with everyone on how I make it through. Each Individual has to do what is best for them. I continuously reach out to everyone and do address some on an individual basis as I am called to do. I do understand pain and I am one that knows pain is real. I will never want anyone to feel ashamed to if they do not know God or believe in a higher power. I want to express to everyone that we have to smile, we have to stay strong regardless of what someone says or does to us, we have to fight, it IS okay to cry but we can not give up. I want everyone to remember that there is so much LOVE here and this is TRUE LOVE, we are here for you no matter what...... This is the message I want to get across..... My strength should be an inspiration to someone, at least that is what my Hope was..

Love you and thanks for your opinion

God Bless You


Thank you so very much .... You are so right... But regardless of what I say I will continue to speak from my heart what I believe and what helps me if it inspire someone then my job is well done but if not then I will continue my work. I have realized throughout my life that as a Christian I am not living for what people say or think, I live for God and my only job is to be a leader and a missionary for Him. I will never give up my fight in helping all those I can to fight the Fibro fight or any affliction for that matter, WE are all Victorious in the name of Jesus and in Him WE ARE Healed.

Your words are an inspiration to me but knowing you are a Christian as well, remember Jesus continued preaching the Gospel regardless of who wanted to hear it or not and He was led by the strength of God..... now look at today His message of The Word is known ALL over the world in every language known of the world...... Wow, what amazing Faith and strength..... I am only saying this to say, never let anyone push you from doing what is in your heart and what you know to be the right thing because God will see you through....

God Bless You


Gianna, I hope you keep speaking from your heart. There are those who want to hear what you say and need to hear it because it gives comfort and positive energy. I am a Christian but my personal beliefs should not be of any consequence to anyone on this forum. Healing can be mental, physical and spiritual as I have experienced it. I know if the spirit if broken, illness follows. Many fibro sufferers have had tremendous amounts of trauma and abuse in their lives. I know one thing, you can't just treat the symptoms, gotta go deeper.

Be well,


I just want to add that I meant no disrespect to anyone's religion with my comment. I just wanted to add that people have differing situations going on with relatives and such and it's also important to hear what they are saying when they are upset about their relatives. Nothing meant beyond that.