Been treated for mos w/ non-narcotic measures, now what?

I keep going up on Gabapentin which is somewhat helpful, muslcle relaxers help as well. Yet still, 3-4 days out of each week I am having very painful flareups and none of these drugs touch it, nor does they 3x/week cardio and weights I'm doing at the gym. I feel I've developed a decent relationship with my PCP. I am aprehensive about Lyria to be honest, one of the most major side effects is weight gain, which I am in no way interested, who would be right?! At what point is it going to be appropriate to request narcotic medication to deal with these flare ups and how should one go about this? Mind you, this is a PCP who treats Fibro but not a Rhumetologist or pain clinic. Any advice ya'll could impart would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks in advace!


Melissa, I don't know anyone who wants to put on weight, but weight gain is a common side effect of many of the meds we are on. I guess you have to choose........weight gain? Or pain management?

Gentle hugs


Blessings, Melissa! I tried Lyrica but I stopped it after three months because I have too many side effects. . . I agree with Rachel. . . May you make the best decision for your way of life! Wishing you a comfortable day - Irma

I would research the options for pain management drugs for FMS on line first so you have some idea of what works best for most people. I agree with you about Lyrica - I gained 30 pounds in a month and it took 2 years to get it off. My PCP was very helpful, prescribed what I needed but appreciated my research. Then the New York laws made this difficult and I was required to go to a pain management doc for Nircol which works well for me.

Melissa, you really need to talk to your doctors. I get my meds from my specialists we tried many before finding the right combination there is a new drug called savella, it along with tramdol, hydrocodone/apap and cyclobenzaprene, you must understand that all these medications do come with some nasty side affects and it has taken years to find drugs that do help but understand that I am not totally pain free all the time there are still the bad and very bad days I have been battleiing this nasty disease since being diagnosed in 2004. Please talk to your doc about the newer drug savella. Take care wishing you a better day.

Thanks all for the advice! My PCP is "not comfortable" prescribing pain meds and so I've requested a referral to a pain specialist. I don't know how much experience she has w/ treating fibro. She's been a great doc for all my other health needs and I hope that she is not offended by my request. After doing much research, I feel more comfortable in seeing someone who has A LOT of experience treating Fibro and is willing to use narcotics, if that's where we get to. I am curious about Savella, which I brought up with the PCP but she said it's quite similar to the Cymbalta I'm already taking??

Savella is a SNRI as is Cymbalta. These work differently then Celexa which is a SSRI. Regarding weight gain: for me it wasn’t a question of beauty but the arthritis I have from Ehlers Danlos means weight gain adversely effects mobility. The weight gain from Lyrica is not from increased appetite. It actually changes metabolism in those of us who have this adverse reaction. When weight gain means not being able to exercise, it becomes a downward spiral.
I’m glad you are going to a pain management doctor. It sounds like your PCP doesn’t have the background to help you with this.

I was diagnosed 8 years ago but apparently it started since I was 16 with continuous headaches and anxiety - when I was 29 the psychiatrist told me it was a chemical imbalance. . . depression! I have Kaiser - I finally decided to go through their Pain Management Program - exercise, assessment of medications, lots of x-rays - I was 53 at the time - they found I have arthritis in my lower back and on my neck - which they said it was normal due to age. . . I have tried many antidepressants, etc. . . with pain my doctor started me with morphine! Now he has me on hydrocodone - one pill every 4-6 hours as needed. . . The least I have needed was two and those have been rare days. . . I also take clonazepan for anxiety - it also helps me with the twitching, zoloft and elavil. . . due to my weight gain he put me on metropololol for high blood pressure. . . BELIEVE ME, I HAVE STRUGGLED ALL THESE YEARS WITH TAKING MEDICATION - ON MY OWN I HAVE DECIDED NOT TO TAKE ANYTHING ANYMORE SEVERAL TIMES AND I END UP IN A WORSE SITUATION. . . I HAD FIVE CHILDREN (NATURALLY) - I knew that the pain would stop eventually. The pain and the discomfort which comes from fibromyalgia is different and it is here to stay. . . I AM PRAYING YOU WILL SOON DECIDE WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. . . HAVE A COMFORTABLE/BLESSED DAY! IRMA

I have been interested in a Neurologist in NY, Dr. Madeleine Kitej. I have read her website from cover to cover and it is very interesting. Though I live in the tropics and most symptoms are gone here, I was critical in the USA so I do understand what you are saying. Look up this website and click links... Dr. Kitej has a list of medications there that you might want to explore. She finds overlaps with ADHD and many many Fibromyalgia survivors have ADHD children.

Her website states:

"When I graduated from neurology residency at Yale, I opened a headache center. But I soon saw that my migraine patients had a 60-80% chance of also having fibromyalgia so I began treating fibromyalgia. "

Worth reading anyway.... its under some construction. kitajheadachecenter

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