Being violated

It's after 3:30am and I can't sleep because of the feeling of violated. When my husband and I came home from work after 7pm, we realized that our house has been broken in and some of the valuables were missing. They worked mostly on the first floor but they trashed our place. We called the police and they got CSI come over to take photos and fingerprints. By the time they left, it was 11pm. We were both exhausted but I cannot sleep because I feel so violated and unsafe.

They didn't take too many things since we don't own much valuables. They took my husband's graduation ring his father gave him, 2 Swiss watches that were also gifts from different people, and a Canon video recorder that was our wedding gift. We both joked that the burgers must have been angry to find out we have nothing valuable to steal! All electronic stuff are so outdated that no one would want them for free.

I've been burglarized in the past when I lost all of my electronic things, and my diamond necklace my mom gave me for my 20th birthday was stolen by a hospital worker. I am having flashbacks from the past, so I am shaky and agitated. I can't sleep even though I took a sleeping pill and anti-anxiety meds.

I just don;t feel safe to fall asleep - I should be sleeping becasue I justg received my first prolotherapy yesterday. The multiple injection procedure was unbelievably painful and the doctor advised me to get plenty of rest.

I am sorry this has nothing to do with fibro but I didn't know who else to talk about this at this hour..

Yes, I was thinking about getting a tiger...

The police has been great dealing with it. They came to take information and sent CSI to take photos and fingerprints last night. They were very synpathetic and were here until 11pm, making sure that they've answered all of our questions. They came back today to investigate our property. They assured us that they can catch the theives if they try to pawn the stolen items.

It's hard to rest peacefully when you are scared someone is going to come into your house. That feeling is horrible. I know it's after the fac,t and there are no foolproof guarantees out there, but I have an alarm system and it gives me some peace of mind. At least it would give me a warning if I was sleeping and someone busted in. Then THEY are entering at their own risk, if you know what I mean. wink,wink

Dear Chou,

It has everything to do with YOU, so sorry, it would be tough to feel safe! Hope the Cops get 'em! Just remember, as nice as your 'things' are you were both unharmed.

We don't go away much, God help them if they come in when my husband 'the defender' is here! Decorated combat vet, never lost a man under his command!

I hope that you and your husband can get past this, we are always here for you, and I am so sorry that you had to go through this.

Hugs to you and yours,


FibroChou, I'm so sorry about your space being violated and your house being burgled. I'm glad you reported it to the police, in case you find any of your belongings. I would suggest you search your local Craigslist or Ebay to see if the stupidos are trying to sell them online. People in your position have found their items in these venues and retrieved them. Local pawn shops is another possibility. I hope you can get some of them back, esp. the ones with sentimental value. Boy, how people can stink sometimes.

The prolotherapy pain sounds awful. Is it something you researched? I hope your next session is less painful and that it is beneficial. Have you checked into the cauterization therapy I'm going for? It IS paid for by insurance and it supposedly lasts 6 months to several years, if you are a qualified candidate. It might be something to consider if this therapy isn't helpful. I have been told that you do get scars at the injection sites, which can cause issues later on with future work.

Fortunately, we got a few eye witnesses in the neighborhood, so we are hopeful that the police will catch them. We heard that our new neighbor has been selling drugs and they saw two men who hang out at that house going behind our house. I've been upset and crying not because we lost our things but because of being violated and not feeling safe. I feel extremely saddened by how people can disrespect and hurt others. I have hard time relaxing without the worry of someone invading our home.

Could you explain what cauterization therapy is? I looked online for definition - it says burning off a part of body such as warts... I don't think that's what you are getting. I decided to get prolotherapy because my pianist friend had excellent results from it. I've been diagnosed with hypermobility of my joints, so prolotherapy would be the best treatement.

The worst part is not having things stolen but the feeling of someone may possibly invade our house in the future. We are planning to get a security system. I wish they came with an electrocuting device when someone tries to invade. It should immobilize the invader immediately so we have time to call the police and be safe.

The strange thing is that the burglers didn't go upstairs. I think one of our cats tried to attack them. Our cat, Mimosa can be very scary - she's been banned from her former vet's office after attacking everyone...I couldn't say anything seeing my vet and 4 guys bleeding. I would really like to find out if she attacked them! I wish she had a cat camera around her collar.