Blood Thinners and Fibro

I have been a Fibro patient for several years now. I’ve tried a host of medications, but had tons of side effects. I’ve weined myself off pain scripts and just use Tylenol. The Tylenol just helps take off the edge when I need it. I’ve decided I will never be pain free and just try to keep active by swimming and exercise to survive.

My doctor has put me on Elequis (blood thinner) and it’s been a week now and I’ve noticed increased pain and the Tylenol does nothing.

I was wondering if anyone on here also had an increase in pain level once they started the blood thinner?

I have debris in my main artery in my leg and they are worried about a blood clot so I can’t stop taking the meds.

I use 81mg coated aspirin. The 'scripted blood thinner didn’t do well for me either. Maybe you could ask your PCP Or Pharmacist what would be the equivalent of # of mg of aspirin per 'scripted blood thinner.

**Thank you so much!
Great suggestion.