Brain Fog Ruined My Day (long one)

Hey! So guys I really need some people to vent to and support, you guys are perfect to come to for this. So fibro fog messed me up so bad on Wednesday that I realized I had done the wrong assignment... for the wrong class (same teacher in both) that assignment was due on Thursday not to mention 25% of my mark... so not pleased with myself so I stayed up till around 2:30am trying to complete it and spending any time I could on the project then woke up at 7ish, school at 8:30. In my worries about this project I had a quiz... an accounting quiz. 12 marks delegated to the financial statement and 8 for matching, I think I got most of the matching but I went up to the teacher afterwards to check if I did the statement right, I used the wrong thing and all I could do once the others left was sit and cry into my sweater. But it was 10:30am and I was to be meeting my partner I had to give a 5 minute presentation withat 11, she called to see where I was and we aren't great buddies so I didn't want to show her my weaknesses and so I ask for a few mins but I recieved a couple texts and knew that she must have been getting impatient so I went there I was still sobbing and just not well, my pain levels were at an extreme. Our presentation at 11 sounded great, could hear both of us from everywhere and it described the service in an eye-catching way. Well this did boost my confidence and when we presented, we were the first and the teacher told us we are great presenters. So it built my confidence up but I still had a ton to get done on this project, I had a slot from 12-1 and 1-2 to get it all done by 3 when it was due. So I talked with my bf and we got into a minor argument about nothing and I was having a bad day. I went and sat on a comfy couch after the argument to get these questions and analysis' finished but I had like half an hour at this point. Finally I finished one of the ones I was stuck on and I patted myself on the back. Then I got back at the assignment and got more done. The next class we did a little drill quiz worth no marks but.. I would have failed. Then from 2-3 I finally finished what I needed to and then had to go spend 2$ in dimes, pennies, a quarter and a loonie to print it n colour to give the full effect I wanted in the layout. Then it was about 2:40 or so. I was in no way shape or form pleased with myself on how I did the project. There was an art thing set-up where you could by artwork and posters for extremely low costs and I had seen a few I loved so to kinda cheer myself up I bought 3 for me and 2 for friends. Then last class at 3... another drill quiz and I would have bombed it if it had been for marks and then I handed in my project and told him it was not my best work. Meanwhile all day I didn't truly have time to eat, forgot the granola bars at home and didn't use the backpack I have back-up lunches in so all day I was extremely sore, stressed, hungry and exhausted. Then at 4 I had tutoring for financial accounting and the tutor set some things so straight and helped but my brain was exhausted. At 5 my parents picked me up and I got some type of salad, wolfed it down and then asked them if they could grab me a sandwich for when we met at 7:20 at the concert. We were on the floor, 5th row at an amazing Weird Al show with my mom, dad and brother but my legs, back... and EVERYWHERE else was in excruciating pain though it did lift my spirits I hated not clapping, dancing and so forth. I walked so much and was just out doing real stuff (not tv) too late, used all my brain power from like 8:30am till 5pm at school, longest day without a real spare. So today all I feel like is crap and I can barely get out of this damn bed and studying is going to be difficult due to my little confidence. And exams are next week... all I can think is how are you going to pass?

Sorry that was so excruciatingly long but I just wanted to describe the entire day and how I felt. Thanks all for letting me vent!

Love You Guys, Hugs!


wow thats a hard and long day. Having a good vent hopefully will make you relax and forget all about it. Good luck with your exams, just take it easy, one thing at a time, and only do what you have to, no extra activities.

Hugs and best wishes for a better day tomorrow xoxo