Has anyone ever had issues with bruising taking like a long time to go away. I was vacuuming and accidentally dropped the handle and it landed on my left outer thigh:( made a massive long bruise. This was at least a week ago and still slightly painful still kind if there. The last few days it was itching which I never felt before with a bruise and when I press on it and feel it I feel little notches or bumps under neath. Weird I know the bruise was so ugly it had red bloody tint under the skin as well. Just wondering of anyone experience any of this.

Yeperoozer, me too. Although I thought it was just me & my physical peculiarities, never thinking it "belonged" w/fibromyalgia. Odd isn't it?

Did I like hit a blood vessel and the itching meant I was healing? What in the world is the bumps I feel under the skin around the bruise?:frowning: it us odd lol.

To me itching means healing. I have no clue what the bumps are, maybe ....... cellulite? or maybe the blood pooled at the site of the bruise & turned into solid portions of which will be absorbed back into the body very slowly?

i also bruise easily. maybe cause i am so fair skinned. i dont know. but it does seem like black and blues do take a while to disappear. as long as i dont have any more pain in the area i dont pay much mind to it. i hope your injury has improved and you feel better



Sorry to hear you bruise easily aevenk and I do as well. Thanks for your advice;) I am fair skinned as well and thanks to you as well and huggggs to you too.:slight_smile:

Yes, itching is good, it means it's healing. And my bruises get bumpy, maybe the scar starting to come off in spots? I know that when I get cuts and stuff, they seem to take longer to heal. I suspect that since our sleep cycle is interrupted, and sleep is the time when healing is done in the body, perhaps our impaired sleep systems cause the slowness in healing.

If it's still not healing, maybe you should check with your doctor. I guess I'm very reactionary, I ALWAYS go to the doctor if something weird is going on.



Your probably right:) I never thought about the disturbed sleep having slowed down healing. Good one thanks.:)

Thank you for the information.:) I hope it's not cellulite! I hate that stuff! I have enough of that already lol.

Thanks for the info:) I hope it's not cellulit i don't want anymore lol.

Thanks for the info:) I hope it's not cellulite i don't want more of that! L O L.

I don't think it is. My scabs get bumpy when they're about ready to come off. But keep an eye on the bruise and make sure that it doesn't get worse or not heal. That's doctor time!

It makes sense. Sleep serves a super important service; it's not just being lazy and taking down time. Scientists now say we must get at least 8 hours sleep in order to go through enough cycles of REM in order to have the body heal itself. Maybe it's like living in a cold climate and not putting your car in the garage. Car outside in the cold = dead battery a lot of times. In our case, body not in bed asleep = impaired sleep/healing process plus inability to regain lost energy.

Thanks:) you are so sweet and thanks for the advice. Hugggggs.)

LOL... I walked into my garbage can in the kitchen (stainless steal with the step on lever to open it) I hit the lever along the edge of my foot... wound up with a bruise that encompasses 70 % of the top and side of my foot... was quite interesting... the scrape was not that bad... it has been their a week now and just gets uglier each no swelling though so I know it is not a medical emergency.

Glad your ok:$


Yup! I bruise easier now and when I'm on savella (my rheumy and I decided I will do cycles of it) the bruising gets worse! Deep, magenta bruises that take a while to go away. I sometimes get them from trivial day-to-day things like carrying a too heavy purse on my shoulder! I now try to pack light and not try to treat my purse as a tactical-survivalist bug-out bag (hard not to though - first aid kit, sewing kit, heat pads, etc etc. My purse is ready for almost anything! But my shoulders apparently aren't ready to hold all that preparedness...)

I am so sorry about your bruising:(

Thanks! It's not too bad because I have dark skin but it is a nuisance. Know that you're not alone with some of these wacky wonky problems that come along with disease.