Brusing easily?

I have noticed that I bruise entirely too easy!! I get one particular bruise on my upper right outer arm, the size of a dime, I can touch that spot and days later, BAM a bruise, it doesn't hurt though just reoccurring. . .then today I notice a big fat bruise on my right thigh .. . I do not remember hitting my leg against anything but there it is and it hurts (I think it may have been from work but Idk I blank out when I'm at that place to even remember banging myself up), then I have a constant never going away bruise under my breasts, my rib cage hurts all the time and remains bruised. I wear wire bras but they are not tight enough to cause bruising and I do not wear only wire either and I take my bras off as soon as I come home because I hate them so it can't be the wire, all I know is it's always bruised and bones hurt like hell. . ..

Does anyone else bruise easily too? Is this a fibro thing?


Happens to me as well but I think I’m anemic. It is not always a problem - just comes and goes

i get bruises and cant remember how i got them and it seems to take weeks for them to go away. my dr doesnt have an answer for why this is happening. i did happen to notice this problem after i was diaginosed with fibro so i blame the fibro for bruises that seem to take forever to go away.

Hi I have the same problem but I keep getting a bruise on the inside of my right arm it is about the size of a finger tip and it comes and goes i thought it might be one of the kids just grabbing me on the arm because I seem to bruise very easy but these ones just keep coming back in the same spot and I think I have worked out a pattern that it comes back about the same time as my period . My doctor has taken samples of a few of my bruises for testing as everything has come back normal

It's crazy that this can actually be a fibro symptom. I don't get a period so I can't check if they come around that time. . .

Hi Mo,

This may give you some answers, but I think it is a good idea that you tell your Doctor, symptoms add up to diagnoses. Good idea to have it in your records, even if you don't think it is too important now.

Feel better!


It happens to me too! It is helpful to know others know how you feel.

I got 4 bruises the size of a finger tip over the weekend on my arms. There are 2 bruises on each arm in exact same spots. Weird…