Hi All does Fribo cause hight numbers for cholesterol? Is there a way to bring the numbers down without the meds

Hi Bet,

Just wondering do you have Hypothiroidism? It will cause high numbers for cholesterol. And usually Fibro and thyroid problems go hand in hand..

Hi Bet. I too have HIGH cholesterol. Real high. I'm on meds for it, tho I fought it for years and years.

I know that oatmeal is supposed to help reduce cholesterol. I think ginger might be another cholesterol lower, but you'd have to google it to be sure.

My sis found hers went down when she ate a lot of fish.

Good luck with this and let us know if you get yours lower thru food etc.

I have high cholesterol.. They checked my thyroid , it is fine (although there is a family history of thyroid problems).

On Atorvostatin (sp?)

It is bringing my numbers down, but not where they would like to see them... not yet.

Diet is the only other way to get those numbers down that I am aware of.

new studies show when you eat more calories then you need your cholesterol increases. odd. My doctor gave me a bunch of hand outs that basically said reduce animal fat, cut back on sugar, eat oats, take fish oil.

Hi Bet,

Never heard that it does, but I think it coudl be hereditary, just not sure. Good question for Doc! Sorry to hear you battle this, perhaps he could recommend changing your diet if you are up for it! Might help!

Hope you can easily get through this! Wishing you a good day!



Oh, I see one more mile has some wisdom for you!

Dear Karen,

Because of hair loss, I am continuously wondering about thyroid, a member was kind enough to give me an entire list of the thyroid tests to graciously ask my Dr if he had performed, as it seems some run one test which is not enough to really give a full answer. The only one not mentioned was a sonagram, he ran all of the others with not a thing out of place, said there is nothing there to warrant a sonagram.

Hope this helps you Karen, hope you can soon feel better!