I had my routine colonoscopy on Tuesday and they found two sessile polyps. All findings have to be sent to pathologist. It takes 10-14 days for results to come back. Please keep me in your prayers that all is well. I’m trying not to stress about it. But it is hard. Thanks!

Thank you! Your words helps aloto!

10-14 days that feel like an eternity, no doubt.

LaDonna, you are most certainly in my thoughts and prayers. I know this is a scary time for you. I totally agree with Angel on the sentiment of being glad you had your colonoscopy and that early detection saves lives. I too pray that your polyps are benign. You are brave for going thru with the procedure; you wouldn't believe how many people refuse to have it done.

My very best to you. Let us know when you know!

Thank you ! Well I chicken out last year and knew I had to do it this year . God is in total control.

We will make the wait with you, LaDonna! Hopefully all will be well!



Thanks so much!

big hugs. all the best, stay strong xxxxxxxx victoria

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I also go bsck on nov 13.

Thanks so much!

my prayers are with you! i am so glad that you are taking such good care of yourself in having colonoscopy!

For those of you out there who have not done them yet and are due for one, they are no big deal as to tests. Worse part is prep the night before otherwise you are either out or in twilight zone. Either way is no big deal.

I hope all comes out fine for you...i know how long those 7-10 days can seem. Just remember that usually no news is good news in things like this! My prayers are with you!

I truly appreciate your words of kindness.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, LaDonna. We'll keep you company, just send up a signal if you need anything, we're here for you!



sending you lots of courage and internet hugs, xoxo

I will certainly be praying for you!!! I had one for the first time and came out crying - in so much pain - I told my husband never again - worse than labor pain - they found a benign polip and removed it! I had been under the impression that they would give me something for pain - my mother told me there was nothing to it - no pain at all. . . Nothing was given to me. . . I need clarification. . . otherwise I am thinking that maybe when the doctor went in to do the procedure she thought I had been prepared? Gentle hugs - Irma

LaDonna, I will be praying for a good outcome. You have enough on your plate with the Fibro.

Gentle Hugs! Dottie

wow can’t believe they didn’t give u anything. I also slept thru the whole procedure. I had some discomfort after. So sorry you went thru it without meds.

My doctor wants me to have one nf I am worried about the whole process and whether it will hurt. Do they knock you out for it? They also want me to have gastronophy.

Please let us know that you are okay! We will certainly stay positive, JC!

Words of wisdom to live by!

The idea of having either one is not very appealing! I am only 39 so was hoping I wouldn’t need any of theses types of tests for a few more years. They are checking for inflammatory disorders I think. I will have to have a girlfriend stay with me as you are not supposed to be left alone before or after and I don’t think my little girl counts, lol!