Correlation between epidural, childbirth and FMS

So, I know the majority have a feeling that we’ve had FMS a lot longer than we think. Remembering times when your younger and in a ton of pain and your parents telling you its in your head and quit trying to get out of it.

HOWEVER, the onset of mine seems to have a correlation with childbirth. My oldest child I had naturally with an epidural. Shortly after his birth I noticed I was having quite a bit of back pain. And then my 2nd son decided that he was quite content right where he was. So after 25 1/2 hours of excruciating pain they decided that he was going to have to be taken by c-section so I had to have an epidural. It was a year later I was diagnosed with fibrositis. This was because for a week straight I couldn’t get out of bed. I would sit up and go to put weight on my feet and they would literally give out on me. Like I didn’t have feet. Like I had little round legs on the ends of my legs. Anyways after years of putting up with it in 1999 I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. That was the most relief I had gotten in 8 years. My omg I totally forgot the term used for the ladies that help you with birthing…MIDWIFE that’s it! Anyways we came to the conclusion that the tons of extra hormones that the body produces while your preparing for childbirth help with curbing the pain.

So, I guess my question is do you contribute your fms from these?