Decided to start working out again! What do you do for exercises?

I'm so excited to start working out again! I haven't worked out since I started my job April 2nd! I used to get up everyday at 5am, go to the gym then to class. The pain of my wrist is driving me insane so i doubt I can do the hardcore workouts I was used to but I am going to start soft and just work my way up to it. . .wish me luck!!

What do you do for exercises?

I do online workouts from zuzka Light!! She's awesome, really tough cardio but if you can hack it, go for it. I've been doing her videos for a few yrs now. She can be found on youtube just search ZWOW. . .

Well, Mo, you know, fibro might be a bit of a interloper with your exercise regime. I wish the very best for you in your exercise program but on the other hand, studies have shown that even moderate physical activity sets off just be careful. Work yourself at a slow and easy pace because you have your illness to contend with and you don't want to send your body into a tailspin. Maybe you'll be fine. I do hope so. Your eagerness and enjoyment of physical fitness is obvious to see and is commendable. Enjoy yourself but please be careful.

I had to stop because I was working out TOO hard and that caused more pain then work added more stress. . but this time I will be more careful

LOL, I am sure I can hack it as I have done before. I do a lot of heavy cardio which actually helps my pain except for in my wrists so exercises like pushups and what not can not be in my plans but I will start off slow just to get my body backin the habit and whenever I feel too stressed physically I slow down.