Diagnosed yesterday and what a relief

I’ve been struggling with generalised myalgia for 5 months. All of a sudden my finger and arms started hurting after playing video games… which then progressed to my legs and the rest of my body!

I had to battle with my GP to refer me to a rheumatologist (as my sister has Lupus and I wanted to have the blood tests to rule out any autoimmune condition). He just told me to do more exercise and take ibuprofen…

I finally saw a rheumatologist who did all the blood tests, which were all negative…But the pain still persists.

I have a health professional background so I guessed it was fibromyalgia when the pain spread to the whole of my body but I just really needed a formal diagnosis so I could put my mind at rest.

I saw my Rheumy yesterday who said she agree with me, it sounds like fibromyalgia but she doesn’t want to formally give me that diagnosis as it would make it hard for me to get insurance but she gave me tips to help control the symptoms.

Partically a Vegan diet (+- fish) lots of grains, brown rice, brown flour, no sugar! Yoga every morning and regular swimming. So as soon as I got home I signed up to the gym. I would like to start a family so controlling my symptoms is a must so I can cope during pregnancy and when the busy life I’ll have after the baby is born.

My husband is vegan so I more or less eat a healthy vegan diet at home anyways, so that won’t be too hard for me. I don’t drink caffeine, or alcohol or smoke. The struggle will be to give up dessert and chocolates.

I will keep you all posted on my journey with this new lifestyle.

So glad I found this site to just get things off my chest. I know lot of people have gone years without a diagnosis, and I guess with my health background I was able to better direct my care in the right way.

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Hi Dominee, nice to have you here. I too have a fairly new diagnosis but have evidently had this for many years. I’m in rather a trough at the moment and feeling bad about “ruining” my boyfriend’s vacation, (mostly only at this moment) although he couldn’t be nicer about it.

Most of the time I’m all right with this. I too found a diagnosis helped keep me from spinning my wheels trying to look up ALL THESE CRAZY SYMPTOMS on the web. I resisted the suggestion of a diagnosis of FMS for so long, but here I am! Why did I wait. Glad you were smarter than most. Welcome to you too, Dominee!

Welcome to the … its a fun site with lots of info. We will enjoy having you aboard .

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