Disk problem in my neck

i know have had many discussion on tring to get answers for differnt problems and i am very thankful for all the help. i hope that u can help me with this prolem too.

everyone that followed my last discussion knows that i have been struggling with migraines for over 70 days straight. my body was nice and let me b migraine free for my birthday and that has been the only break i have had.

in my last time in the hospital they found out one of the disks in my neck is buldging i actually saw the pic of it and it dosent look good at all. even w/o the drs help any one could find the problem disk.

i know that it is very possiable that the disk is causing the migraines but what about other issues? i keep having ringing in my ears and horriable neck pain so bad that i dont even want to move my neck. i dont know witch disk it is and i keep forgetting to call and ask.

i am guessing that i am not the only one on this site with this problem. if you share this problem and u know of any issues that this disk could cause could u please let me know.

thank you