Does Anyone Use Electric Back Massagers?

I'm pleasantly surprised! I had a horrible knot in my upper back that I couldn't reach and could barely use. I borrowed my Mom's old fashioned electric back massager--and this knot was gone in 30 seconds!! Why didn't I borrow it about 10 years ago? I even bought one new one for my sister. It has a long handle to reach her back, and infrared to warm up the muscle to relax it. She said it takes a long time and is a weak little vibration, so she doesn't use it. Still I didn't get one for myself. Wow, I'm kicking myself for not knowing this a decade earlier. It's still sore from being so tight for a while, so I am so grateful for my prescription scent-free pain cream. Diclofenac 10% cream. The pharmacist mixes it himself. It has numbing, muscle relaxant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Share, if you've found these older back massagers help you too.


I have tried some of the ones that they have in shopping centres and have had different results. One time I felt so much better after but the second time I tried I felt like I was the walking dead. I guess it just depends on which type of massager you get. I know that a person giving me a massage or back rub is agonising and leaves me in tears. The only thing that I do not mind is when I get my partner to put some pressure on a rolling pin and slowly push it into my back. Mikex

Hi Sheila,

I used to have normal massages at the doctor's and my god it did relieve me until one day i had a seizure came off the bed and that stopped the lot but you find them so relieving.

Although the electric massager as helped don't get addicted, use it now and again when you feel the pain at it's worst because your system will get used to it and you won't feel the affect you want....that's the only trouble with things which help we, they only last so long until your body says it's no good anymore...try something fresh.

Terri xxx

Mike, I can't bear a person massaging me either, and I use the rolling pin a lot too.

Wow Terri, I didn't know your body could get addicted to it. If I only needed it once in a few years, I think I'm safe. I would only use it when I get a knot so bad that I can't move. How scary for all involved for you to have a seizure during a massage. I sure don't find manual massages relieving.

Sheila, being autoimmune diseases, you've got to look at the aspect concerning drugs or anything our bodies get used to, i know how bad my body is that if i kept putting a massager on me daily i would'nt feel the affect after a certain if you did it like twice weekly say tuesday and sunday you'll feel the affect.

I was gutted over the massages because the doctor's office surgery was right underneath the room and i only went once weekly, well he heard the bang apparently and i'm flat out having a seizure but to cut along story short he stopped them saying they was to dangerous for me....that's why i'm advising you not to do it often as the doctor said once weekly to feel the actual benefit.

I also can't have anyone give me a massage. When me husband trys to help me out it is more painful than helpful.

I think a lot of us feel this way. That's why I was so amazed after just 30 seconds with this old massager! It's a quick and easy alternative to a full massage.

I will have to try that! Thanks for sharing!!

Hunh. Thought it was just me. I got one yesterday, using a laundry ball with spikes, and I had to keep telling the person to take it easy, take it easy. Always has been that way, too.

Wow that sounds great. I have never tried using an electric massager. Thanks for sharing.

I have this plastic hook with knobs on it. It is great for giving yourself relief from knots. I don’t remember what it is called but I found it on Amazon.

Have a great week


That's interesting Sunflower. I don't think I'd have the strength to play with something like that to get the same amount of power and speed that I get from the electric one.

It’s called a Back Buddy.…

I might have trouble holding the electric massager for very long. I’m going to check into it and thank you for sharing.

Here is one more gadget I found helpful. I will include the link in case anyone is interested.

Sunny, I couldn't hold the electric one. I put it on the floor and laid on it. lol. Wow, that back buddy is interesting. What does that second gadget do?

Relaxes the muscle at the base of my skull. That muscle gets tight and I get migraines. Not sure if that is how you’re supposed to use it. :slight_smile:

OIC. And it said it can lower a temperature/fever 4 degrees. I wonder if that's just from the certain pressure points in your neck, or if you freeze it before you use it. Interesting though.