Ever thinning hair from meds anyone?

Loosing too much hair from meds or is it Autoimmune, or just WHAT is it? Talk to me!

List of medications that are known to cause hair thinning:

allopurinol, arsenic, apirin, l-asparaginase, bismuth, bleomycin, boric acid, bromocriptine, carbamazepine, carbon monoxide, chlorambucil, chloramphenicol, cimetidine, colchicine, clofibrate, clomiphene citrate, coumarin anticoagulant, cyclophosphamide, cyproterone acetate, dactinomycin, danazol, diethyl carbamazepine, dipyridamole, doxorubicin, ethionamide, etoposide, etretinate, fenifibrate, gentamycin sulphate, guanethidine, heparin (telogen effluvium after 6-16 weeks ), hydroxychloroquine, ibuprofen, idoxuridine, indandione, indomethacin, interferon, iodine, isophosphamide, levamisole, levodopa, lithium, mepacrine, mercury, mesalazine, methisazone, methotrexate, methyl CCNU, methysurgide, metoprolol, mitomycin, mitrexantrone, morphine, nadolol, nafoxidine, nicotinic acid, nicotinyl alcohol, nitrofurantoin sodium, norethisterone, estrogens, oral contraceptives, para aminosalicylate, phenindione, phenprocoumon, potassium thiocyanate, procainamide, propanolol, selenium sulphide, sodium aurothiomalate, sodium valproate, spironolactone, sulphasalazine, tamoxifen, thalium acetate, thiamphenicol, terfenadine, trimethadione, troxidone, vasopressin, vincristine, vindesine, vitamin A, warfarin

Hey Lady,

You might want to check your thyroid. Hypothyroid is very common in people with autoimmune problems and mostly presents wwith......yes you got it...HAIRLOSS. You will see it more when u shower. There seem to be more pieces of hair in your hand when you shampoo than usual. Meds can be a culprit, but i would get the thyroid test as wll

I noticed hair loss also so my Dr. has sent me for a thyroid test. I CANNOT take/tolerate hardly

any meds anymore so am thinking there MUST be something else going on. If it's thyroid..at least

there's something that can be done..hopefully!

Ah Mike, you charmer!

bingo, but they can't get it to show up on a test, do I need an endocrinologist? just what i need another dr to make the rounds with!

yes, I know several women who have had theirs 'radiated', they were little skinny hyper gals though, mine would go the other way!

My GP is constantly running those tests, and like fibrokitty says, I have to clean the drain out 3 times for the water to go down the drain! this is frightening!


Not sure what tests were run. If you could get me a copy maybe I can help. Sometimes the GP does not order all the right tests and if your thyroid is only slightly off, it might not show up in the blood unless special tests are done.

Hi Kitty,

Could you just tell me which ones to have done, may be easier that way, I have my records, but could fill a shopping cart with them!



Hey SK,

I my experience, docs do not like when the patient dictates the lab tests. If you have any of the following, that would help; TSH, T4 Total, T3RU, T3 total, antithyroid antibodies, and maybe an ultasound of the thyroid.

Oh, I ASK, he knows me well by now, but I appreciate the sound advice and this is a great help to me! I taped that info to my fridge, so I know where it is!

You have helped me tremendously, thanks a thousand!

Hope you are having a reallly good day!


My hair started becoming thin when I went on Savella. That was two years ago, and it has not come back in. It is thin and strange. I tried to go off Savella, but started having such bad pain that I just had to go back on. I guess I am doomed to have thin hair now.

Hi Kathy,

I am sorry you are in this boat with me, no woman EVER wants thin hair, mine seems to be happeing more no matter what med I am on. The meds could be the cause, as my hairdresser thinks, or an additonal one but it seems to me that Thyroid is believed to be an undetermined factor/possible cause of much of this, from FMS into the Autoimmune diseases. It is just talked about in too many places to ignore, not to mention that my GP keeps running tests on it when ever I have blood work.

But whatever it is, I hope we can hold on to our hair, what is left! I am going to ask my GP about those tests Fibrokitty recommended, she is a Doctors assistant, and we are so very fortunate to have her input.

I took Savella early in, it helped me so much then one day I just started to tremble, it got very bad very fast and that was the end of me and Savella, I also felt like something very sharp was being scraped down the top if my head, it was a real let down.

So glad to hear from you, hope that you have a great day!


I have hypothyroidism and have been on thyroid meds for 30 years. In the past few years my dose has had to be adjusted down because apparently one needs less thyroid as one gets older. My husband is a Dermatologist, and he did a hair pluck test on me and did all the work up. He said it was stress that caused my hair to fall out, but it just has not come back. Of course I have continual stress with all my children and one of them autistic. When my hair first fell out it was about 3-4 months after I remodeled our basement to make it an apartment with a separate entrance, a full kitchen, a laundry room and two locking doors. My daughter and her 3- year-old twins came and stayed for six weeks also while I was planning the wedding of my 24 year-old son. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was enoug stress to cause hair fall out. Oh well.

Oh for sure! What we don't pull out ourselves just falls out!

You are most fortuanate that your husband is a Physician, on the other hand, it does not prevent you from getting ill. You surely have your hands full, and there are always children, if not your children, then theirs! This is my 6 or 7th day of at least one grandkid here! The worst thing is the perpetual mess, I can't keep up with my own any more much less added ones, but I love them so and they do help in their own way. I would never have flower beds without my 9 year old grandson, they would simply be weeds alone! Of course the love and laughter is priceless and a great healer.

If it is not inappropriate, I would like to ask your husband's definition and opinion of FMS and it's cause. Each and every Dr I have come into contact with have a different explaination, though none seem to be incorrect, perhaps it is a time issue, so it may be more of a matter of it being incomplete or perhaps it depends on other issues and individual factors. Perhaps it is an unfair question. I am also interested in yours, do you think that thyroid played a part or stress?

I believe mine to be trauma from a car accident that I could never get over, although about 6 years later discover that my maternal grandmother had Autoimmune arthritis, so it was a combination and a snowball effect.

SK, if I thought he could offer you any new info, I would be glad to ask him. However, he is such a skin guy, he doesn't do much with Fibro, although he does have a lot of patients that have Fibro. He has suggested that many of them go on Savella after he has seen how well it has helped me. He doesn't put them on it, he sends them back to their Internist or GP or whomever. I am very fortunate that my husband is a Physician as he has a lot of resources available to him, and doctors will bend over backwards for other doctors.

I totally know what you mean about the grandkids and the mess. My own kids are making messes right and left. My autistic son keeps up pretty well and puts things away like I teach him to, but my 16-year-old is a huge mess maker and never cleans up. She is such a good girl I hate to harp on her--she plays the violin, dances clogging, jazz and ballroom, takes voice lessons and gets great grades. So, I try not to nag too much. I don't get a lot of help, though, because she is so busy.

My husband thinks that Fibromyalgia can have many different causes. Just like Autism--which we believe can have many different causes. He tends to agree that my Fibro may have come from being on Crestor. He was on Crestor and it gave him Reynaud's disease in his fingers. In the winter, he has to wear heated gloves any time he leaves the house or his fingers just go numb. I haven't heard too much discussion about Crestor causing Fibro, but that is my personal opinion about what caused mine, and i also think that one is predisposed to get it--like you said, autoimmune. Since I already have one autoimmune thing going on (thyroid disease) it kind of makes sense.

I'm sure all the doctors will have different explanations for what causes it--since there doesn't seem to be any definitive proof about any one explanation. I do think that stress has played a part. I have noticed that when I get stressed out (like when I have been in charge of big productions, fashion shows, musicals, etc.) I go through a complete breakdown after. I think that the cortisol that flows through the veins wreaks havoc on us. I know that Yoga and Tai Chi are supposed to be really good for this kind of stuff--when I have all the time in the world (haha) to take care of myself I would love to do these things every day. Gotta get these last two kids done with high school. I have a daughter moving back here after 11 years--her husband is now a Neonatologist (takes care of premature babies) and got a job in our city finally! That brings my two grand kids back in to town. My oldest son is graduating from Harvard in 2013, so I'm making plans for our trip back there, but gotta worry about my autistic son who also graduates from High School this Spring.....I have five kids altogether, and even though three are married and on their own, they keep us hopping!

I can believe that trauma from a car accident could cause your Fibro. I have read a lot about traumatic events leading to Fibro. But just like with the autism, we don't know exactly what the cause WAS, we just know that we have to deal with it NOW! Bummer! Keep in touch--I really need to vent sometimes. I'm grateful to have found this site. Been down with a very bad flare since last Friday night, but tomorrow I'm going to get up and move more---I read that exercise prevents flares, and I used to go every day. I gotta get back in my routine--I never want to feel like this again! (famous last words!) --Kathy

Hi Kathy,

I am a firm believer in trauma triggering an indolent autoimmune disease. I have a friend who, at the age of 30, developed rheumatoid arthritis quite suddenly. She was also in three car accidents in the 12 mo prior. I myself can say my FMS went from localized muscle pain to full blown myalgias, burning pains, and fatigue soon after my second femur fracture in 2011.

Hi Girls,

This sounds like the same story told over and over and over!

I just read that Raynaud's can also be caused by Estrogen, I had a total pan hyst at 23, so Estraderm has been as familiar to me as a vitamin!

Okay Maria, I'll put you on the spot and ask your definition of FMS, If you don't mind, and you don't have to do this all at once as surely this leads into full dissertations. Were you taught it as a condition, syndrome, disease...?

Hope all are having a good, pain free day!


Could be normal aging (women do experience age-related hair loss, same as men do); could be meds--Methotrexate and Plaquenil both can contribute to hair loss, as can other meds. My experience has shown two ways to combat this.

1. Use Rogaine. My dermatologist told me to get mens' Rogaine and follow the package directions. I found it way to messy to put up with, which probably means my hair loss is not that serious yet. My DH would disagree--he thinks it's already hit critical speed! lol Rogaine actually stimulates new hair growth. Look at CVS for cheaper, house brand formulae that have same ingredients as Rogaine.

2. Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. This stuff is heaven sent for women with thin, fine or thinning hair. It really does add volume and gives the appearance of healthy, happy hair! I bought it the day I bought my first MTX and folic acid. And it does exaactly what its designed to do. There are several types, so fining the one that's right for your hair is easy. Look at WalMart Salons for this product. Other salons have it, but you will like Wally World's price.

Hope this helps someone!

Well Hello byrd,

Thanks for the info, I have actually been contemplating something like this, and yes I have heard it is an ordeal! Just what we need, another hassle, I am on the brink of this, byrd. Will let you know when I make the jump!

How have you been? I felt really well (as really well as we get now) until I took the grandson to a Carnival and it was cold and damp, out in it for hours, that was Saturday, can still barely stand up straight, feel beaten down. He is here about a week now, I think maybe he does plan to spend the summer with us! ha! He has been out helping Pap with projects since I am not 'with it'!

Wishing you good things,