Finally got an answer thats been floating around!

So this morning I had to stop and drop off my scripts at the pharmacy. Well while I was dropping them off the lady taking the scripts said oxycontin and I didn’t think anything of it at first I just spaced it completely. Welllllll as I was pulling out of the drive thru I realized what she had said but I was going back in a few minutes so I went and got my coffee and when I went back to pick it up I asked the pharmasist what the difference between oxycontin and oxycodone. He said "The only difference between the two is Oxycontin is the extended release of oxycodone. Yada!!! As simple as that!

So, if this has been answered already sorry for the double answer just thought I would post it.


Pumpkin, hope you get some relief, I did notice your other post about fenyanyl patches, they don't give you BOTH, do they? Never heard of mixing the two!! Whew, be careful!

For some reason, I cannot tolerate any of the time realease meds, don't know if it has a large dose of caffeine in it, or what that ingredient is but it aggitates me like I have just comsumed 20 cups of very strong tea! I do not have this problem with the non-time release med of the very same name and mg.

Actually yes I do seems I have to wear my patch continuously for 72 hours and take 20mg’s of oxycodone 3times a day.

I too was very concerned about this when he first out me on them in fact I had a bad reaction one time shortly after he switched me to the patches and the oxycodone. I switched my patch too soon or something and forgot that I had taken my oxycodone twice I can’t remember exactly what the circumstance was but it gave me a horrible migraine and I was working at the Key Arena for a UFC fight and ended up hurling my guts out in the garbage sink but after.I did that it went away and I felt better so it was a lesson learned the wrong way so now I keep a log in my notepad on my phone. For when I take what and where and what time.

Gentle Hugs,Punkin.

Dear Punkin,

Being rear ended by a semi!! UGH! I feel your pain sister! May I ask just what this did you your spinal cord? What they found on the x-rays? Besides PT and meds, what they have done to treat you? No wonder you are in pain.

See you know the cause of your pain too, not everyone does. Do you see a Rheumatologist or just a GP, Pain management injections?

I know this seems like 20 questions, just wanted to know how the Dr is dealing with treatment. I did not know I had any autoimmune diseases until I was rear-ended for the third time, and if I did not have the underlying autoimmune, should have gotten over it.

I am sure that this accident did damage to your body, Drs don't just hand out those type of meds to anyone who doesn't desperately need them.

I hope that you are getting the very best care possible, and perhaps you could even get someone to come and help you a couple of hours a week. My husband hired a nice lady who gives me 2 hours a week, basically vacuums and scrubs my floors and sweeps the porch and deck. It is the wisest $25 a week that we spend.

My heart is with you, I hope that you get all the relief and help that you can.



I did have a cat scan after the accident. Amazingly I came out of the car with all my blood and no broken bones. It totaled me less than a year old 08 Honda civic. Had I been in my 98 dodge neon I probably wouldn’t been as lucky as I was. The EMT that helped me out of the car and got me to the hospital actually stopped the er doc as he was taking the neck brace off of me and said “ummm doc I think you should see this before you take that brace off!” And the doc went “holy crap! Sorry Danielle but you have to stay on that backboard and in the neck brace for awhile longer!” I had to Pee really bad and had been on that backboard for 2.5 hours already I just wanted out. I digress, anyways, I had already had alignment problems with my spine but from the ft and the state there wasn’t much difference in the before and after. I did physical therapy for 6mo and chiropractic with my doc and all in all it really threw me into this horrid continuous flare since. And because fibro is such a mystery we really couldnt do a whole lot ya know. There was 21 inches of intrusion into the car.

I was diagnosed with fibro when it wasn’t fibromyalgia lol. I was diagnosed when I was 22years old. I didn’t do much about it. My GP gave me flexeril and amatriptalyne/nortriptalyne but we all know those are like taking sugar pills. So I really didn’t do anything. Well, in 2006 I stated seeing a chiropractor and after an adjustment One Fay I started feeling like I was having a heart attack. Went to the er and they couldn’t find anything and then it happened 3 more times, all after I had had a chiropractic adjustment. So my GP sent me to a spine specialist and a upper thoracstic specialist and nothing. So the Spine specialist told me that I had fibromyalgia. I litterally told him “NO $h1t ick Tracy!” And told me that it had to do with my weight. So I left his office with the name of a pain specialist in my area and bawling my eyes out. So I knew the accident was going to be a hurtin on me.

So I found this doctor that he told me about and promptly made an appointment. So two weeks before my appointment I get this packet that’s a half inch thick in the mail. Its all the medical history forms that I need to fill out and information on the doctors office. They are not playing around I thought to myself lol. So I have my first appointment. A two our appointment I may add. Anyways he discussed nutrition, spirituality, habbits, diet, dietary supplements, exercise, chiropractic care AND physical therapy. You must do all this stuff to be in their program. Along with for the first 3 mo. Seeing them 3x’s a week for chiropractic adjustments and vitamin B-12 and lidocaine injections. And I initially started out on 40mg’s of tramadol which I loved. It Aleved all of my daily pain and there were no side effects! And 7.5 vicodin for breakthrough pain. I had to get all these natural supplements, and do an elimination diet for a full mo. To two mo! He told me that generally his patience usually lost 25-50 pounds on this elimination diet. I laughed. No matter what I had tried I may loose 5-10 pounds but would put it right back on. Anyways, he didn’t believe me until I was done with the diet and didn’t loose one pound. But 3mo later I lost 20 pounds. From that day on he’s called me his conundrum lolol. Anyways. After the accident for about 9 mo I was fine on the tramadol and 10mg vicodin but all of a sudden one day I woke up and was convinced I was in hell. So he switched me to oxycontin and 25mcgh fentanyl. Well first he asked me “have you tried morphine?” I about pooped my pants! I said ummm no! And that scares me. So he suggested the pain patch. I said okay not knowing it was 100 times stronger than morphine but I loved it. I don’t have side effects and I can live. I still feel pain and soreness but the massive pain and soreness is.held at bay.

Crud. I think I got off track here. But i think I answered everything

Ooppss first paragraph talking about the ex rays and cat scan I meant before and after not ft and the state lol