Freuqent, I mean really frequent tinkle times?

over the past year I go tinkle totty about every 20 mins. .. .it is annoying as hell!! I feel like I should have on a diaper! Once i go, I have to go again and then again and again. . .I don't even have to be drinking anything to go. . .do anyone else have this problem?

It's not a Yeast Infection nor any STD type thing either but it worries me, no one should GO this often. .is this another never ending FMS symptom?

I know at one time i had an over active blatter and my dr. gave me some pills which be forwarned they turn ur tinkle BLUE as a smurf. But they do help out alot. It seems my blatter got in a memory of going alot and after a few months i got off the smurf pills and my bladder was all better. And im sorry i don't remember what they were but i figured if i told u about the blue tinkle then someone may know what they were.

I had that problems for years while living with fibro (undiagnosed) that was when my symptoms were at their worst. a coworker even accused me of constantly running to the restroom to get out of doing work..grrr. I never heard of the blue pills though, sorry.

Thanx Ladies!! It's good to know I am not the only one, I know urinary incontinence can happen to anyone but at my age I figure how in the hell can this be and it has been all of a sudden, in the last yr all of sudden but still. It's quite annoying.

As I do not like medication I would not be against taking something that will stop this constant going because it is becoming worse each month. . .

Wow that sounds awful! Sorry you have to put up with this-

awful isn't the word!! my son gets so annoyed when right before we leave the house I always have to go and then right after we left I have to go back to go he says "but you haven't been drinking anything.....maaaaan mom." ugh another symptom, another day with fibromystinkingalia!

This is probably a weird question, are you feeling nervous or anxious more than usual? I ask because I’m the same way if there is something on my mind - I am in the little girls room constantly.

On the flip side, when I took Savella last year I could NOT go which was so gross and painful !! This went on for weeks and I thought I was gonna die from not going.

well I have grown major anxiety in the past year even experiencing some anxiety attacks . . .I cant recall if it got worse but I know it is worse now than ever before.. hmmp good call...gonna talk to a doc about that

having to go potty often is a symptom of lovey fibro. there is a condition called painful bladder symptom i have it and it seems like the going often kinda comes and goes but i think its cause the bladder gets inflamed and when it does thats when u end up going more often. hope this helps