This is for all how said there is no God. For the last year I have been in pain and other things, I know a lot of peopel has said I need to get a job. The first time I appled for SSI and I was appreved for medical wich was a "God thing". Even others that have what I have, has spent years trying to get on SSI. Tomorrow I have to go for an appment for the no-medical of it. I am scard on this becuzz it is the only way I can get medical for now.

Dear Keith,

Surely there have been moments in most of our lives when we have doubted the presense of God, I was dragged to a Church which preached Hell fire and damnation without fail. I never felt good about it and it created an unbelievable conflict in me. I have since relaxed, accumulated religious beliefs and writings from ancient civilizations through to present. I have just kind of thrown all of that off and simplified it. If God is the syncronicity of the heavens, the birth of a child, the beauty of a flower, the old man on the throne in heaven, the woman in the moon, or perhaps God IS the big bang. It does not matter, I feel the presence, and even though it is fleeting, it is a sense of peace. My yard is my Church, it is where I feel true to God and God true to me.

There is a Church and a Minister that make me feel at home, it is too far for me to ride, and I actually prefer to visit with God without the interjection of others. It is just between God and I.

Now as for SSI, I will soon find out!

Good luck to you, my friend, may you become and remain, pain free, and well insured!


Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you are feeling better soon- I know the SSI process is very complicated.