Has anyone used

Hi All,Has anyone used o 24 for fibromyalgia

Do you use this Bet, or are you thinking of using it? If you are using this, please tell me if it is working for you before I post anything else about it.

HI yes I used it at one time can not find it to buy any more, Yes it did work for me not all the time but it helped a lot

Amazon has it! Just google 'purchase o24 and it will come up, or go to amazon and type it in.

Please, what is o 24?

ts aspray

I hate to ask but what is ts aspray? I looked it up but found nothing. Is it a fibro drug?

Sorry did not mean to cut you off went off lone just now got back on,Its a spray for Fribo pain I used it a while back

http://www.024zone.com/ Here is some info, Petunia, yes there are consumer alerts, but Bet says it helps her.

Thanks, SK. I'd never heard of it before. I'm glad you were able to find it for Bet. Sometimes you can find stuff you desperately need on E-Bay, btw. I just found some lightweight wrist guards to replace the ones I'd had this summer that my mother threw away (during her visit.) So the internet is sure useful for replacing things you can't find elsewhere.

Thanks, Bet. I hated to ask because I had no idea what it was. You might want to look for it on E-Bay. Oh, wait, I see that SK's already located it on Amazon. I'm glad she could find it for you!