Homeopathic medicine

Has anyone had any experience with a homeopathic dr’s ? my friend told me about a homeopathic Dr that claims to be able to help all kind of medical disorders, the problem is it can be very expensive. I’m sure there are things that can be treated… But fibro, CFS , my friend thinks what do I have to loose… Any thoughts would be great

I don't know about homeopathic, but i'm currently on some naturopathic medicines. Alternative medicines tend to be able to help fibro and CFS with less side effects than pharmaceuticals. I know many people do see holistic practitioners (homeopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturist, etc.) for fibro and CFS with success, but everyone is different. It would be worth going and having a talk with them anyway, if finances is a concern then sometimes you can work out a payment plan or a sliding scale fee.

No Dee, personally I do not, though a guy I used to work with, has a lovely wife who went to one in Baltimore or DC. She developed serious bowel problems and she praised him to high heavens. He was able to totally aleviate her problems immediately and the success has lasted her for years, she didn't even have to change her diet.

Last I talked to her, she was thinking of using him as a Doctor for their son. I do not think her insurance covered his care, or at least not much of it, but they are doing very well for themselves, so surely money is not an issue for them, like it is for us.

If this Doctor is this well respected and highly recommended, why not? It may be just the way you need to go, you will know soon enough!

Allergic uses an AMA Doc and a Naturopath or Holistic,besides (if those titles are not correct they are along that line) she was a nurse also, I am pretty sure she has CFS too. She would gladly talk to you about it, I am sure. She's a great gal!

Had I not found my Rheumatologist, I was seriously thinking along those lines.

Hope you can get some relief. Please let us know!

Wishing you well!



I haven't been treated with homeopathics, but I certainly would if my doctor suggested that I do. Some integrative md's and naturopaths are trained in homeopathy or have someone in their office who is. Seems to be the trend now to combine the different types of medicine together. About time. You could check that angle out.

Otherwise,If you don't have insurance then Emma's suggestion of sliding scale and payment plan would be the only other way.

Thank you all for your imput, I think I will give her a call , she allows for a 15 min free consultation over the phone to see if it’s something I want to go further with, I’m just so sick of spending money on supplements that have not helped, My short term disability has ended and now the road begins for LTD, soooo scary. I will keep you updated on how it goes.
Thankyou all !
Hugs & blessings