How are you affected by A/C or fans blowing over you?

My Mom and Grandmom always called it "neuralgia' or said they would get 'staved up', which means stiff, I can't tolerate it either but live in a very humid area. How about you all? Talk to me please!

i have trouble to but i also have rods in my neck and a life long condition of my birth defect Spina Bifida so all my nerves are way out of wack especialy from the chest up with air i lock up when its windy, but now also when its to humid or hot i break out so my body hates me its like the 3 bears LOL

Wow, that's a catch 22, huh? Sorry you suffer so, you may think your body hates you but we love ya, Corinne, so nice to hear from you on here, we need your input, and your friendship, such a shy little georgia peach!

oh im shy right now but soon enough you wont be able to SHUT ME UP LOL

Well, I've been trying to get you to talk, that's the whole idea I don't want you to shut up, lets hear it girlie! come on!!! LOL!

I can’t stand having cold air blow on me. I get a sore throat and swollen glands. Strange, huh?

It is painfull for me, I dont understand why but it hurts my arms the most.

I do not have a problem with the ac if it is on a low setting and on the other side of the room but if I forget to shut the window on a cool or slightly cold night my whole body suffers miserably. It can be hot at 10 pm and drop 10 degrees at night.