How do I loose weight? What has worked for you?

Given all the challenges we face how have you successfully lost weight?

Anyone been able to exercise enough to aid weight loss and have you tried a particular diet program?

My added bonus is that I’m allergic to gluten. :slight_smile:

On the flip side - what hasn’t worked and why? Food for thought. Lol

Hello Sunflower. I have been very sucessful with weight watcher online. Both my husband and I are overweight and like you said it is hard to excersise, especially for me now cause on top of my fibro my asthma gets really bad in the summer. Well, any way like I was saying we started weight watchers at the begining of the year and he has lost over 40 pounds and I have lost 30. I have come up to a plato and did the best 2 weeks ever when I added in 20 min a night on an excersise bike, but my asthma and fibro got way worse and I had to stop, opting for a nice hot bath instead. I am looking into a recumbent bike because My legs seam to be able to handle it but my back screams at me and after I am done I can hardle walk cause of my hips. I hope you look into it it really does work. There are also rstraunt lists on the web that tell you points and Applebees actually has weight watchers meals on their website. Good luck

Hi Jen,

I was thinking about what I am doing different with my new exercise routine. I realized that i am doing it in the afternoon. I think doing it in the morning when my muscles are not that limber it increases the chances of stressing out my muscles. A few years ago I was able to lose weight and if I remember correctly I ate a lot of baby spinach salads.

Thank you - great point about the afternoon. I’m going to try that-

I think I’m going to join and I would really appreciate your support. Hope we can chat more offline :slight_smile:

I struggle to lose weight, but need to lose at least some. Every few months I will get in the mindset to do it but then something happens and I forget. My partner cooks really well and makes such lovely food that I do not want to say no to it because it makes me feel guilty.

I am hoping to get an exercise bike and start swimming as soon as the haematologist gives me the ok. At the moment I have to be careful because of how swollen my spleen is (need airbags deactivated in the car etc). I will keep you updated on how it goes :)

It’s definitely tricky when your significant other loves to cook! :slight_smile:

On a separate topic, do the docs know why your spleen is swollen? If you want to take this question offline I understand completely. I am curious if this is related to fibromyalgia because I’m wondering if it’s something others should look out for- I will be wanting progress updates to make sure your spleen is okay. :slight_smile:

We are not sure why it is swollen yet. The haematologist is looking at it. They have a theory that it is because my blood cells are abnormal sized (more than 90% of the red ones are too small to carry oxygen) and the spleen is filtering them out that it is overwhelmed by the number of them and that is why. Another theory is that I have portal hypertension and the back pressure from my liver is too great and has damaged the spleen. I will keep you updated :)

Please do :slight_smile: I remember having an enlarged spleen when I had mononucleosis. Is there a treatment for portal hypertension?

I am on medication to lower my blood pressure but it doesn't work. I take four pills a day and it is still high :(

I overheard them discussing whether it needs to come out or not. They really should talk about things like that away from the waiting room tbh x

I also have problems with weight; I am about 50lbs over weight. I do eat rather healthy lots of fruits and veggies and occasionally I have my chocolate fix. I try to exercise also but I work full time and by the end of the day I am too tired to exercise a lot. I do try to get out and walk on my lunch break but sometimes that makes me so tired I can barely finish out the day.

Has anyone tried B12 injections? For energy in order to get some exercising and staying active. It works too. I want to ask my Neurologist if I can take it more often. If you search enough through all the literature, and text books and medical dictionaries. It shows up at the bottom of a list of other conditions where it's helpful, besides pernicious anemia. I'll try anything that means I don't have to swallow more pills. Who else is so sick of that everyday? UGG! Be happy and keep on going. Do your best to make the best of anything positive, like my kitties and they way they give me kisses and tickle my face with their whiskers.

Yes I agree! You don’t need the added stress. :frowning:

I haven’t tried those injections. My dog definitely keeps me smiling! Aren’t pets great? :slight_smile: