How would you describe it?

every time I see the fibromyalgia commercial for lyrica on television....I say to myself well they are almost got it right. even the commercials for the restless leg syndrome frustrate me.

So here's my question. in a short paragraph or short sentence how would you describe fibromyalgia? Do you think the way the commercial describes it is accurate. Do you think as a patient/consumer we should be able to file a complaint or something?
Thanks Momzze

Hi Momzee! It is the most complicated condition that I have ever researched! Since it is the second most common diagnosis made in a Rheumatology office it should be better understood and easier defined, but I will give you the short answer given me by my Rheumatologist who is also an Asst Professor.

"Fibromyalgia is a condition, not a disease. It is CAUSED by chronic pain. If you take a lab monkey, severely injure it's left hand and do not treat it. That pain becomes chronic, and the chronic pain changes the brain until every place you touch the monkey, it will have severe pain. To treat the condition of Fibromyalgia, you must treat the cause."So it cannot stand alone, something is causing it. You never just have Fibromyalgia, that is why it is such a 'dirty word' to some professionals.

Autoimmune diseases have caused mine: but there is injury, trauma, cystitis, endocrine imbalances, leaky gut, neurological, the list goes on, really anything that can cause pain, can cause Fibro! To quote my GP, "Fibromyalgia is only the beginning of the diagnosis."

This is why I urge you all to see a Rheumatologist! They can at least eliminate autoimmune, but in many cases diagnose you even if it is not autoimmune because they are also Internists.

How to describe fibro for a commercial:

Pretend that you've just been hired for a Three Stooges movie. Now that you're filming, imagine that Moe just smashed you in the back with a baseball bat. Then Larry crashed a piano keys lid shut on your fingers. Next Curly kicked you in the knee with hockey cleats. Then all three stabbed you in the elbows with an icepick. After this, the Stooges all congratulate you on how good you look. Then they tell you to get your butt up and get busy! Har har har, cue the laugh track as you make a pathetic face at their laughter. The Stooges are applauded, someone throws a rotten tomato at you and the curtain falls.

And THAT'S fibro in a nutshell!