I'll be crippled before i get in to see a rhuemy

Does it go smoother after you're established? It is a 6-8 week wait to get into a specialists and my PCP is reluctant to start any treatment. I hurt. I won't make it 6-8 more weeks of work if I can't get help. Tramadol helps but I can't take it as I work in the aviation field and it is physically active position. Trying to convince my PCP to switch out my Prozac for Cymablta. Any suggestions?

Smoother?? Well, after you understand how and what your body reacts to, it makes it less frightening but it still is a pain in the touche. But you can try to find a way to manage it, even though you can't always predict when you will flare up with alot of symptoms. When I was first diagnosed I tried everything that came down the pike but I did get much relief from changing my diet. I eliminated sugar, high starchy carbs, processed foods and gluten to start with. It made a major difference in my pain and fatigue levels. If I cheat and eat wrong, I pay dearly for it. B vitamins, calcium, mag and d-3 helped for me. So there are simple things that you can do that might make a big difference. You learn what works for you as you go along.


thanks..i am trying to change my diet, but no real success. pain is great motivator..i think that will get easier to do. i don't really feel like eating right now anyways. all i can do is sit and hurt. i have other fibro symptoms in my life, but this is a first for the unexplained pain and the thing that finally got my diagnosis.

Amy, I know, some of these Specialists take 6-8 months to see, too long at the 6-8 weeks, you can call back and ask to be put on the cancel list, that way if someone can''t make their appt, you could get in sooner!

Honey, he may not think Cymbalta is the right med for you, they know these meds inside out, so be patient with him. PCP or GP's are diagnosticians, when they are not sure they send you to the appropriate specialist, I know it is a long wait, please stay strong!

Please keep a running list of symptoms, problems, questions. Do not consider a symptom to be too insignificant, it may be the one they need to pinpoint a problem. Also take a list of all meds, and supplements.

Check your family history and have that info for him.

Wishing you WELL,


I would suggest going for a sports massage thru a trained sports massage person or perhaps try accupuncture. I've tried the former and it helped a lot, temporarily. But I had a referral from a nurse practitioner. I'd suggest try calling a sports medicine place and ask them to recommend a sports massage person.

The reality is, though, that this is a painful illness. It's very difficult to do an active job with it. You might want to think of whether you could do something else that's less physical, to accommodate your fibro. I had to do just that. Thought I'd literally die from the pain. Couldn't take it anymore.

Eliminating gluten for several days will show you if gluten issues are causing problems. I had almost no pain the day I stopped eating gluten and had more energy.

You may not feel like eating but I think you would feel better if you did eat. I always feel crappier when I am hungry.

Why do you want to get off Prozac? I ask because I read somewhere that taking Prozac with Elavil can be helpful for fibro. But I’m not a doctor.

I would recommend taking lots of hot showers, using the heating pad and getting as much rest as you can.

Hope you feel better.

Hi Petunia Girl

Why do you need to look for a Sports Massage Person?

Would a regular, Swedish massage help?

I have thought about getting a massage but I am afraid it would be to painful...??


they are taking me off the prozac and putting me on cymbalta and neurotin. i was reading up on the neurotin and it says it helps with hot flashes as well, yay. i had a total hysterectomy at 30 and the hot flashes are brutal. i opted out of hormone replacement. of course i wonder if the rhuematologists will put me on hormones as that could. be causing some of my current issues. i've been on the prozac for years so i am thinking maybe a change to cymbalta will help. i have heard people that say that helps better for the pain

my pcp is gonna go ahead with cymbalta and neurotin. they just wanted to do pain pills till i saw the specialists but i work in the aviation industry and can not have pain pills in my system at any time. whether they are prescribed or not. so it was just a waiting game. they don't seem in any big hurry to get it called out. they decided yesterday morning on the meds, but called pharmacy this morning and still not called out. i have a message into the doctor now. as faqr as the symptoms that is a good idea. after reading some discussions on here i realize i have things that i really didn't associate with the same thing causing the pain...this really is a helpful site.

i have thought about accupucture and massage. i live in a small city, large town area and have been unable to find accupuncture. money is also an issue so i'm kinda waiting to be able to pay for it.

Wish u luck with the new meds :slight_smile:

i am hoping to get into a less physical job. i work as ground support for a helicopter company and i love my the people i work for and the people i work with. within the next six months, maybe less, two administrative jobs will be coming open. i am in an entry level position and am next for the promotion, so i hope to be getting one of those jobs. i am trying to hold out till then. i hope i can.