Irritability , is it realy fair to my family?

Woke up this morning still in as much pain as before i finally drifted off to sleep, got my 10 yr olds breakfast and he dressed for school, the bus comes at 7:05 and this morning because i did not have the door standing open she doesnt even stop. She has done this a few times recently , she couldnt even stop for 1 min? guess i am just irritable but that is so frustating now if he goes i have to drive him 20 min to school and it hurts to drive a stick shift when u r in pain.

Buses are supposed to stop and wait for 1 minute. I have worked for a district and dealt with transport a lot.

File a complaint.

Tell them you got a cat and cant stand with the door open anymore and the bus has to actually stop.

Well, I feel a LOT of sympathy for that scenario. It reminds me of how painful it is for me to nearly always be brain fog steals my sense of time, the pain wears me down so that often I am dissociated (and can't control when I'm really alert and when I'm "spacey") and also mornings are one of the hardest times for me. I have been in tears over this many times the last 10 years (parenting with fibro...I got it right after my son was born, which was especially heartbreaking cuz this is totally not how I wanted to be as a mom...). Mornings are especially brutal because I am stiff & tired and just feeling yucky. To have to muster up some form of positive energy for my kid, and also to even coordinate making breakfast is just way too much. Adding on the stress of a time deadline & the stress (for me, & him) of the school system...I don't know how I got through it. I tried to homeschool when he was in K but that was a disaster...I tried private schools (and he was getting a ride from another parent...that was awesome, but only lasted a few weeks). He went to public school for 4 years and every day was a nightmare. He also did not want to go (he hated it...took 4 years to realize he had learning disabilities, subtle enough they weren't noticed, and he just hated going to school & being punished & held in from recess...long story, I have a lot of pain about this, lol! but anyway): having to get MYSELF up and going AND another little person was just REALLY HARD. All those things like putting out his clothes the day before, choosing breakfast the day before (and laying out the bowl, the cereal/whatever) as to minimize the morning's work, having his backpack by the door & ready, helped. But the catch was that I was just too tired & in pain to do these things the day before either. LOL! but maybe you can? Also they sell a product called (i think) "the time timer" shows time counting down with a red zone getting smaller which is a good visual for kids (and adults who are spaced out from pain, lol).

So...this triggered a lot of my own complaints...sorry! I hope it helps, and at the very least you are not alone...

Hope you get to take good care of yourself & treat yourself with extra gentleness today. . .

(oh, last thing: it would be SO NICE if the community, including the bus driver, would treat people with pain conditions with extra empathy & kindness. do you think you can be honest with her/him & ask for a little extra patience?) :)

Oh yeah, stick shifts stink when you have fibro. I got rid of mine for that very reason.

Can you call the bus company, explain your situation and request that she wait aminute? After all, you have a recognized disability. She does have a schedule to make so it's only fair to allow her a minute or so to stop but she should stop, under the circumstances.

Hi, Id have a heart to heart with that bus driver but give him or her a batch of cookies when you do. I bet that would change their attitude. Sue

I also agree, talk to the bus driver’s superior and ask she stops, actually stops! I would not put up with having to keep your door open. Silliness!

Hi Pebbles,

Pain can make us less than congenial, and that is being very gracious.

I have never heard this policy before. Did you know that when I was still working they made it against the law to warm up a car without someone being in the car. That's right, like those policemen don't have enough to do, and we don't either. This was to conserve energy, so what is an open standing door doing for your heating bill or your health?

Is this driver under this much pressure to be on schedule that she cannot wait one minute for a small child???? It could be. I think a nice approach would be the best first move, then they are fair game. Problem is with causing a stir, that your child could be the one who suffers the brunt of it.

Time to have a nice talk with someone! Good luck, keep us posted!

TY its nice knowing someone else has "been there" and yes it would be so nice if the community would see where i am coming from and understand my pain but most in this area look at you like you are lying and just lazy, unfortunatly but u are right mabe i need to let not only the bus driver know but the school he goes to as well thank u so much for your help

i think i will call the school system and mabe explin my illness and ask that she be made aware of it as well ty Petunia girl i have only been on here avery short time and it has made me ? how i ever made it alone befor all of you are GREAT!!!

cookies hummm Sue you just might have something it may b the way o the bus drivers heart!

SK, u r so right on all accounts im going to call his schooland explain my disability and see if that will help. will keep every one posted

yes especially since last March dut to tornado i no longer have a storm door.

Thank you Lyra i will tlk to someone and tell them that