It shouldn't be this HARD to

open a freaking jar!

I was craving some spinach dip So I went to the store to get some and two hours or more has passed and I still cannot open the damn jar. I am reduced to tears. I literally thought about throwing the jar against the wall in an angry rage but decided to write about it instead. I am so angry. I hate being this weak and most of all, I really want some dip and chips.

I can keep trying but the twisting hurts my wrists too much. I will have to wait until tomorrow when my sister comes to get my nephew to get some dip. . .however I can't stand to look at the jar anymore and knowing I have it and can't eat it is bugging me so I am going to attempt one more time to open then I am going to toss it in the garbage.

whew. . vent over.

Thanx for letting me. .

Well that didn't turn out so well. . .I tried one more time to open it, I couldn't so I threw it at the corner of the door. now I have a mess, but at least the damn jar is open!!! GRRR

Next time just punch a small hole in the lid to break the vacuum seal, and you can get it open. I know Mo, I have a struggle just opening and closing a zip lock bag some days, it is just infuriating sometimes!

thanx for the tip...wish I knew that before I snapped but I just couldn't take looking at it sitting there teasing me. . .good thing is I finished cleaning the mess and the kitchen with my headphones on and I am now calm. . .relaxed and getting housework done I neglected over the past week. . .From tragedy comes triumph : )

Hope that helped you to let off some steam Mo! I know I tend to throw things when I get upset! LOL! What a hell of a mess that Spinach dip must have made! My first husband was one to carouse, I threw the contents of a pot of Spaghetti on him one night, you talk about a mess! LOL!!

Dang, SK, and you seem so nice! LOL

I saw a ad for a device that opens bottles for you. I have my own, but he would get upset if I tried to loan him out to you.

Oh, I see Pet has found a few links, let us know which one you have, ok? thanks, hope you are well!

Same thing here with lids but I use a butter knife to tip along out side of the lid,or they have the lid rings that go over the lid thats helps Hugs

Mo, it happens to me too, in the wintertime when the base of my thumbs start to ache horribly. What I do is this:

Hit all sides of the lid with a butter knife. Usually that works to break the vacuum seal. If not, try your can opener - usually there's a doodad on there that's got a pointed edge for breaking vauum seals. You put the pointed edge on top of the lid, then put the lid under the indented area and pull upwards to break the seal.

Also, there used to be jar openers available. You'd put the jar in the middle of the contraption and two sets of teeth would come towards the jar's lid to unseal it. Here's a vintage one on Ebay (don't know if they're made anymore but they work well:)

Darn it, I tried to edit the above but the edit didn't take place.

The FIRST link is for a new one. I found it after I found the vintage one, which is beneath the first link. I also added that Mo reminded me that I needed a new one, so I ordered one from the top link. I really do find them useful for opening stubborn jars...and most jars seems stubborn when your hands hurt.

LOL! And I thought it was us wee Italian girls who had the tempers on us. But ha ha,richly deserved reward for a cheater, SK!

Hi its suzyq I have problems opening jars I turned it upside down and bang the lid on the counter several times which breaks the seal works everytime saw it on Tv talkshow then live with regis and Kelly now live with Kelly and micheal

Let us know what it's called or what it looks like Kate, please! It may save a big mess! LOL!

I am nice, but there are limits, ya know?