Just Something to Think About

I have since learned that when a baffling or painful experience comes, the crucial thing is not always to find the right answers, but to ask the right questions. Self-Questioning is a far more essential ingredient in life that I ever supposed. It's the water that keeps the modeling clay from hardening into something forever rigid and unchanging. To refuse to ask honest questions of ourselves ultimately means shutting ourselves off from Revelation. Often it is simply the right question at the right time that propels us on into the journey of Awakening.

We have Fibromyalgia, don't let Fibromyalgia have You. We are Conquerors and Will be Victorious!!! Stay Positive and let your inner Strength guide you, Always Smile regardless of how bad you may feel because a Smile brings Light into Darkness turning it into a Brighter Day.....

God Bless.....

Thank you for your inspiration and wisdom, Gianna! Hope you are having a good day! ; D

You to.... Thank u so very much for such kind words...... You Inspire ME.... Love Ya

Asking the right questions and asking God for the right things, I believe, leads to the answers that we need. Sometimes we don't really know what is best for us, but have to leave that to a Higher source to figure out.

Thank you for your insight.

Well said, Gianna. Thanks.

Amen to that !

Thank you Gianna! Your wise words have helped me today.