Dear Fernanda,

I am so very sorry that you are in this situation. It surely must be difficult. The only thing I can think of is going to your guidance counselor with a copy of this info, and ask if there is any way you can graduate early and be part of this.

Does a GED count too? Find out if you could go that route.

Sorry I can't be more help, there are many very wise people here, perhaps they can help you figure out a way.

We are glad to have you in our group!



Aww sorry for your problems but do not lose hope. As I am a born citizen I have friends and co-workers who are not citizens yet and are trying so I know how hard it is, i get baffled at how hard they have to try to become citizen in a country they work and live in. BUT have faith and keep pursuign it. There are tons of grants out there for you to go to college you just have to get the right person to help you find them.


I can't graduate early, only if i take evening and nightschool after school but they only offer that to kids who are behind in school and I am not.

And GED well I could do that but it will be hard to be accepted into a good university or job with out actually finishing a real highschool.

I've also looked into online and charter schools but the credits they give you are not full credited so I mean I can graduate highshool with a diploma but no university will take me. Thanks :) The good thing out of this is my older sister can finally work now.

Dear Fernanda,

I must confess that I have no experience in this area, so this may be totally 'out there', but what about calling all the US immigration offices around the country, and asking for help, or advice? Some people know more, research more, take more time, are more compassionate, have more time... it may be that you have just not reached the right person.

I am trying to help you to keep trying, keep thinking, when you think you have done everything possible, re-think it, post it again, reach out to other people!

I will keep thinking about this, and if I think I have found ANYTHING, I will be back with you. Have a friend in CA I will ask for any advice or knowledge.

Stay strong,


Yes I do have something else for you, the Catholic Church has attorneys, a few are actually Nuns, and some are knowledgeable about immigration, and you may not even have to be Catholic, or to pay, not sure about that. Will see if I can find a link. Any Catholics out there who may know about this?