Medication Help

Hey all... aside from making my video about fibro I have another ongoing project that I would like a little help with.

I am creating a database of different medications and their names in both the UK and USA. Paracetamol for example is acetaminophen in the US. What I would like (if you are ok with it) is a list of your medications (with either UK or US names) so I can add them to the database (I am happy to do the legwork and find out the alternative names).

Thanks a lot. Oh and if you haven't already please can you help me with my survey?


I am on Savella also known as milnacipran and I also take Vicodin other name hydrocodone. In th past I have been on cymbalta, lyrica, and amitriptyline. I was also taking nabumetone for about a week, which is supposed to be kinda like ibuprofen and aliev but longer lasting. Hope I helped

Hi Mike,
Another great idea! I have taken the following meds: Lyrica, Savella, Cymbalta, Elavil, Flexeril, Meloxicam, Plaquenil… I know I’m forgetting something because the list isn’t long enough!
I will answer your other questions in a separate note. Hope you’re feeling good today! XX
Take care,

Hi Mike,

Here goes, and like Sunny, probably will forget many from the past,

Savella, Gabapentin, Lyrica, Flexeril, Ultram, Actiq, Opana, Prednisone, Oxiprozin, (Alprozalam, Valium, as muscle relaxants)

I have been through so many, not sure I can remember them all, did not include the meds for autoimmune.

Hope this is a help to you, and that you are having a good day!


Ah yes thank you SK!!! I’ve taken Ultram, Oxiprozin, Alprazolam, Valium (for TMJ)…

Hope you are having a fantabulous day!

Sunny (where’s the sun today? Isn’t a beach vacation supposed to be hot and sunny?)

Lyrica, Atenolol, Seasonique, Methocarbamol

Ah yes, Atenolol … Another one I forgot about

forgot Skelaxin.

Thank you all. I am adding these now :D

Hi Mikejudd,

I take ultram (tramadol), sertraline(zoloft),risperdone(risperdal),Lamictal, Amitryptiline (elavil), Ativan, Percocet (oxycodone+ tylenol). Advil pm, motrin. Not all at the same time. I save the tramadol or percocet for bad flares.

Just a quick warning for you... be careful taking sertraline and tramadol together. The two can lead to seretonin syndrome and can be potentially fatal. Either don't take the tramadol or ask to be changed from sertraline to duloxetine (cymbalta) if you want to make sure you are safe. xx


I think I am more likely to give up the tramadol. I find the percocet on occasion to be helpful.

Hey Mike,
Gabapentin, Requip XL (for Restless Leg Syndrome caused by FMS), and Tizanidine. Also Antidepressants related to FMS: Venlaxafine, Viibryd, and Clonazepam for anxiety.

Hope this helps !


Thank you... adding them to my list now. It is amazing how many different meds that there are, even for people with the same condition. I am also starting to appreciate how lucky I am to be in the UK and have the NHS to help pay for these medications.


Even with good insurance I have spent $4,000 on meds so far this year. That is just paying copayments.