Mirapex Trial

I’m on week number three of mirapex trial for fibromyalgia treatment. I started this drug even though FDA has not approved it do to book I read by Dr. David Dryland. Very good book and I would urge all to take a look at his web site. So far I’ve had absolutely no side effects from this trial and I’m very thankful for this. At the end of next week I will return to doctor to start full treatment on this drug. It takes up to twelve weeks to reach optimum dosage of 4.5 mg. each night for this drug. If anyone is interested in trying this drug it is approved for restless leg syndrome and many people with fibromyalgia also suffer with this condition including myself. This is how my insurance and doctor were able to justify paying for this medication. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on progress, or lack of if needed. In addition if anyone has taken mirapex for fibromyalgia I would love to hear from you regardless of how it worked.

Is it helping to reduce your pain ?


Dianne I just started the initial trial for this medication, and during this process I’m on very low dose. I will finish this trial in about one week, and since I’m having no side effects the doctor will then start me on the full protocol for this medication. During this period I will start with .50 mg. each night for a week and then add another .50 mg. the next week and so on. After eight to twelve weeks on the protocol I will try to reach optimum dosage for treating fibromyalgia and this would be 4.5 mg. each night. I should add that many people do have side effects on this medication and mostly nausea that can be very bad for some. In these cases Dr. Dryland has found that the medication Requip can be substituted for some or all of the mirapex dosage. This is explained in full by Dr. Dryland in his book, “The Fibromyalgia Cure”. I purchased his book on amazon and since it is in paperback form I believe the cost was less than $10 if I remember right. You can also go to drdryland.com and find great information about his protocol, products, and his practice. Hope this helps, and I plan to keep all informed in the coming weeks as I continue to try this approach for beating this disorder from hell.