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Hi ALL, I set here and just do not know what to do,just brought our place last year out in the county with land its what we wanted from day one, Now I find up stairs there black mold around the windows I do not go up stairs much at all to hard to get up and down, when we brought the place there was green color on the outside of the house just one on side the guy we was working with saided all it need was to be cleaned dumb me and my pain just took him at his word,so this mold had to be here when we brought the house had to move out of one place when we rented the mold there started to make me real sick,but now we can not move,is there anything we can do

I am the sort of person who would either clean it myself with a mask on and bleach or call in someone to do it for me and then make sure that things like the windows are all sealed so that the moisture that feeds it stays outside xx

Dear Bet,

This is one of my big problems, mold! Even if you are not deemed allergic by a Dr, it is very dangerous to live with and breathe in!

I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that you need to do something to improve your air quality! So very sorry you were 'taken' by the seller. This is where home inspection comes in!

I know our basement was just flooded by heavy rains and flash floods, my husband has been working on this, but I am always worried that it will not be enough!

My heart goes out to you. I have learned that mold cannot grow in the light, if your upstairs is dark, let in as much light, leave lights on, and start doing research on how you can fight this!



HI sk, We had a home ins

Wow, I would be talking to them! Was it present when you purchased? How long ago did you purchase?

So very sorry that this had been added to your challenges!

Bet, if i were you, I'd be calling a lawyer to see what kind of recourse - if any - I had.

I wonder if there's any way to discover if the last owner had mold remediation work done? Did the realtor have any knowledge of mold? Surely they must have SEEN it. Was it disclosed on the House Disclosure forms the buyer provided to you with the purchase and sale agreement?

I wonder if the house is missing gutters on one side and rainwater is flowing down the outside walls and in thru the windows? My home inspector told me that missing gutters can cause tons of problems with houses.

Speaking of home inspection reports, can you find yours? If so, take a look at it and see if it mentions anything about mold during the inspection. That might give you an idea of whether or not the black mold was present back then.

I am so, so sorry you're dealing with this. I do think it can be treated. The sooner the better, obviously. And the mold test kits mentioned by Caren sound like a very important step to take to see if the mold is dangerous or not.

Can you stay with family or friends until you get this sorted out? I don't think you should be there until it's cleaned out.

Let us know how this is going for you. My very best to you.