Neck support

I have arthritis and fibro in my neck. I was wondering if a soft neck support would help. Sometimes when I move my head it feels like my neck would break! Would it stop the muscles working in the neck if I had this support round the neck to use when needed. Any suggestions from folk?

Wishing you all a very happy and pain free new year.

Very sorry for your pain. My neck is fusing on its on plus arthritis so I feel you. If you use the support for short periods of time you should be ok. Long periods with the support will weaken your neck muscles.

Blessings for safe New Year & less pain!

I have had cervical degenerative disk disease since 2015 along with my fibromyalgia and all. Some of the best investments I made include sleeping on my back on an Original McKenzie Cervical Roll (insert with existing pillow) and using a neck pillow while driving or riding in a car. The model I have isn’t available currently, but there are many car neck pillows out there. Please note, both of these were stiffer at the beginning, but both softened nicely over time—especially the McKenzie roll. I also will use a neck pillow in the house while in a recliner or whatever too. I personally am not a fan of the neck brace idea as it will weaken your muscles to stay in that. It would be better to try to get physical therapy and develop a safe stretching and exercise regimen for your neck to help the pain that way. Obviously that is only my personal take. Consult your physician for their thoughts.

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Thank you so much Susan for answering my query. A friend is going to try and get me a neck pillow as well as one for herself in one of her catalogues.

Thank you CDFRANCE26. The last thing I want is to weaken my neck muscles. Hopefully if my friend can get me a neck pillow that might give me some relief.

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