Occupational Therapy

I am wondering if anyone has had an occupational therapist visit them and if so what adaptations they made to your house or advised you to make to your house and how they helped you.

I have had a mental health occupational therapist come and see me today and she has asked the social services occupational therapist to see me too. I am wondering what they may do to help xx

I honestly don't know Mike but am so glad that you're open to help. Anything they can do to help make your life a little easier is wonderful. See? Once you allowed the help into your life, it's come in and given you some light in the darkness. I'm really happy for you and hope things continue to improve for you in all ways.

Hugs to you,


Thank you. I have had a good day today :-)

Yaaaaaay! Big smile for Mike! :-)

Don't know Mike, I am actually not too up on what they do, lets see what I can find.


Sounds very promising, MIke, let us know!

I am on a course of "positive thinking" for six weeks and the OTs are coming to see me at some point before that has finished which is good. They have already said that they will put a rail in to help me in and out the bath. I also have a thing on my bed that enables me to get in and out of bed slightly easier :D xx

Both modifications sound WONDERFUL! One of my houses had the bath rail (we'd put it in due to my back) and it was great. Made getting up and out so much easier. And the bed thingie too. Why not? Save yourself some pain and energy getting in and out of bed and bath. Smart!

And GOOD regarding the positive thinking. I hope it helps you feel better. Remember, Mike, if you're better to yourself, you WILL eventually feel better. But it didn't take a few days to get into your depressed state so it might take some time to work your way out of it. Stay positive - it'll help you out a lot. And you seem like the sort to enjoy putting a smile on the face of others, and trust me, you'll do just that when you're happier. You've just got a gift for it.