Pain experiences

Does anyones pain get so bad that you feel outside of yourr body? I feel this way at least twice a day and was curious if anyone else gets this?

ON a daily basis but mostly because I don't take meds so when I get a flare up, my LIFE IS OVER! I sometimes feel like I can't move or as if I am not myself, walking hurts even thinking about walking hurts but I have to work and go to school and take care of the kid so I deal with it and cry when i can.

Yep I know what you mean and I’m able to do this due to PTSD. Basically it’s like your mind separates from your body to get away from the pain. You can almost step outside your physical body.

Best of luck… The pain is knocking me over now! Hope you’re in better shape than me.


When the pain is really bad sometimes I want to be outside of my body. I have one glass of wine at night and I only get a tad tipsy but somehow it separates me from the pain for a couple of hours. I have checked all my meds to see if they interact negatively with alcohol and they don't really.

Sometimes I try to distance myself from the pain and most the time I try not to think about it. However the other day it was so bad I couldn’t ignore it and I’m pretty sure I was walking around like a zombie, at least that’s how I felt