Pain Neutralization Technique/Worked for me

Has anyone ever received treatment using Pain Neutralization Technique? If so, how did it work for you? I have had excellent relief of muscle pain and trigger point pain by having this gentle therapy done by a chiropractor. No cracking or crunching involved, just fingertips. The technique improves the blood flow to the area of pain(contracted muscle or trigger point)allowing the contracted area to release. The practitioner will locate the trigger point or painful spot and with his finger he will move the tissue in four directions then whichever postion you feel less pain hold for ten seconds, then release. Seems so simple. First time I had this done I had my doubts but it worked fast, couple visits.

Would love to hear about your experience if you have used this treatment.


Hi allergic,

Thanks for posting this, I think it is a great technique, and will ask my DC about it, though I really enjoy being crunched most of the time as I have SO many trigger points! I am going to be a willing participant if he is up for it!

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My chiropractor performs this technique and it’s amazing! The only problem is that the next day the pain comes back. However, immediately after a treatment session I feel great.
Thanks for sharing!


Well, that's not good! My pain relief was long lasting(months), until I overused my upper body and then ended up in pain again. I went away one year for the summer and wondered what I would do if I could not get to the chiropractor. He showed my friend how to do it and he did pretty good with it in a pinch. Got me through some bad flare ups. Just a thought but someone in your household might be able to learn.

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Hi SK,

See my reply to sunflower. It's a shame there's not a way to do the treatment to yourself. Unfortunately, most pain seems to be in places you can't reach. Even if you learned how, you still need someone else to do it.

Good luck!



The next time you visit your chiropractor could you ask him for more information on this technique? Specifically, did he get a certification in a special program or is there a way to search for a chiropractor that knows how to do this properly?

I would like to try a different chiropractor as I would rather have months of relief!!! Maybe my chiropractor needs to take some continuing education classes though I love her dearly. :slight_smile:

I will start googling for information but if he has any advice please message me!


Here are some of the demonstrations by the originator of this tecnique. Hope this helps Sunny!


He's out of state for awhile right now but hopefully I will see him soon. I will ask him. It's so hard to find docs who are trained to do this. Also, everyone's response is different. I'll let you know if I find out anything that would help you.


Thanks! Please send me a message because I am afraid I will miss your post.

Thank you!! I will watch the demonstrations.

I have not but have heard people swear by chiropractors. I am considering trying it soon as well as acupuncture.

I'll send you a message. My chiropractor may not be back for a month or so. If he decides not to come back to az I'll be looking for someone too. I don't know any easy way to find someone who is certified trained in this technique other than just cold calling around to different offices. I would make sure that they had formal training in the technique.