Question about Cymbalta and diarrhea

I have been on Cymbalta at the 60 mg dose for 2 wks. For the past few days I have had terrible diarrhea. It is so bad that I wake up at night having soiled the bed for the last 3 nights! I am not sure what could be causing this. New things are Cymbalta of course and I drink Boost in the morning so I have something on my stomach when I take it. I’m going to dc the Boost. I see my psychiatrist (who my former dr left with the task of taking care of my fibro since he felt it is a psych illness), on Friday. I wondered if anyone else has had this symptom. I feel better so I am reluctant to stop, though I am noticing other side-effects I don’t like, I.e., mood changes, increased anxiety.

PS replacing Boost w crackers to experiment.