Self esteem and who we are

What things do you do to keep your self esteem in tact and your spirits up. As you go through your days ? Are there things you do no matter how bad you feel that make you mentally feel better ?

I can start this one , no matter what , no matter how much I hurt or how tired I am , I make my self get dressed and I put on some make up . And the reason why is I refuse to look in the mirror and see me looking like I feel . I may end up on the couch after that but i feel better for doing it . shallow maybe but I feel better for it .

My other one is I drink my morning coffee outside as long as weather permits . I am a mess in the mornings , I hurt but being out side helps me start with a calm mind even if my body isn't .

Taking my dog for a walk every morning. It is hard for me to do a lot if mornings, and I need a pain pill first, but feel better for it when I’m done. It’s one of the few things I can still do from my “old life” and am afraid if I stop, I’ll lose that too. I read about others members who can longer do this with their pets so I am very grateful everyday that I still can.