Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

I am new here and love "hearing" all the different stories regarding diagnosis and symptom treatments. My journey began around 2006 and today I still battle pain. I had a drunk driver roll me down the highway 7 times in Jan 2010, so on top of the fibro I had bulging discs and compression in my cervical and lumbar spine, I had a fracture at T7, I also have a brain sheer on top of the Fibro fog. Somehow all the Missouri doctors missed everything wrong with my brain and spine. We moved to Arkansas, my home state in 2012 and stumbled upon a wonderful network of doctors and a home church with a ladies group that are a life boat in the storm.

At first all the doctors agreed that I had Progressive MS as all symptoms pointed in that direction. They were shocked when the brain and spinal MRI came back with all issues stated above but no signs of MS. So they all agreed I needed a spinal tap...oh what fun...NOT. That came up clear.

I am now on a slew of meds that make life tolerable. My PCP offers me OXY every time as this will help with my now constant flare but my half sister has been strung out on them for years and I just refuse. Between the Fibro, the CFS, and the spine/brain issues and PTSD from the wreck, I can't even remember if I ate breakfast.

I have been fighting for SSD since 2010 because my original PCP in Missouri decided he made a mistake and there was nothing wrong with me. I can't walk more than 200 feet before I am in my wheel chair. I sit in a chair to cook, do dishes, or do anything else. I don't cook without supervision. I don't do anything without supervision.

I am just so tire of being sick and tired but I have 3 beautiful grandsons and 1 beautiful new granddaughter. They keep me going. I also have a wonderful, compassionate, and caring husbands who takes our vow of "for better or worse and in sickness and health" very serious.

If I could give just one piece of advice...Get a good Psychologist!!!

Hello and welcome! I am truly sorry you have been thru so much, I can't imagine how difficult that is at times. It is hard to deal with all the "fun" things that come with Fibro, like the fatigue. I know for me when I am feeling it really badly, I just try to appreciate all the things around me and rest as I can. By focusing on and appreciating the things around me, it helps me to stop feeling resentful toward the fatigue. I am glad you have a group of ladies as well for support, that is wonderful. I look forward to getting to know you more. Hugs!!!



My attorney in Missouri did give up the fight when the doctor, who suggested I file, decided he was wrong. Now that I am back in Arkansas, I have a great attorney and a wonderful medical team. Funny you should mention about the mental exam. SS is sending me to one of their shrinks. My family agrees that he would have to be an idiot to see that between the depression and PTSD I am a basket case in society, especially if this doctor doesn't let my husband go in with me. He helps me find words when my brain stops. Without him I go nowhere. If I go back by myself, I will have a meltdown.

Thank you so much for your kind words and suggestions!


I agree with Nykki, let him/her see you have a meltdown. It will validate your claim. I have seen a SS psychiatrist before I had a diagnosis. I received a denial, of course and it said, though I had some mental problems they felt that those problems should not interfere with working. Their medical doctor is a joke, but you have medical records to back up your claim. I do now, thankfully. I will be praying for you through all that you are dealing with.

Gentle hugs.