Something that helps relieve my Back Tension

Hi, everyone!
I wanted to share something that I’ve used over the last couple of years, to rid myself of knots in my back… That is where I tend to carry my tension. I had massages, regularly, for a year or two, until they became too painful. It seemed to take forever for the therapist to “work out” the knots in my upper back. Below is a link to a rather simple device - Two balls, connected with a cord. You hold on to the small ball, and position the larger ball at a place on your back where you feel a knot (or pain), while leaning against a wall (Sometimes, I have to move my body, until the ball is in the right spot). Then you place pressure on the large ball, by leaning against it for around 20 seconds - not for too long, as this might make it hurt worse the next day! I have found that, although painful, it isn’t as painful as the therapist continually going back to the same spot and rubbing. Anyway, it is something to try, and much cheaper than a massage!
Here’s the link to the one I purchased:

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I did also want to add, if you don’t want to have to purchase the trigger point massager, I read online that someone put a tennis ball in a long sock, and it worked exactly the same way. It would be worth a try! :blush:

That’s really cool. Thanks for sharing that. I was told by a doctor once to just relax for a minute and watch my tension actually leave from it being above my shoulders and to my chin, back to where my shoulders SHOULD be. It’s amazing where we carry it. My tension is with my teeth where I clench constantly! And it hurts!

Your doctor is right! Thank you for sharing that - I forget to relax!!!
I clinch my teeth as well, especially at night while sleeping. I’ve cracked lots of teeth by forgetting to wear my mouth guard at night. Sometimes, I relax my jaw and massage the jaw joints (under my ears). I can hear them saying “Ahhhhhhhhhh” - LOL

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I was taught to use tennis balls in a sock years ago in PT. I take the sock with me when I travel. Just position the balls where they feel best on your back and tie the sock in a knot. It really does feel good.

I also forgot to mention than when we have back pain, especially lower back pain, is to lay on the floor with our legs up on a chair for about 15 minutes. And roll our hips back and forth very very gently. Don’t overstretch because we can do damage. When raising the legs up and laying our backs on the floor, it also relieves the tension we have put on our backs.

Hi, GramyB!
A great (and easy) way to relieve pressure on the back. I forget to do it - TY for the reminder! :purple_heart: