Srry guys have not been on in a while

one reason being family issues but i have some free time and am schedualed to do cortizone injections in my neck backl and shoullder anyone try thisi

I hope your family issues straighten out. I have not had the injections but from the way people talk I think it depends on the person I hope they do you some good. Keep us posted.

will do i had to go med xpress the other day i always get headaches from my neck but this time it was so bad i could not hold down food or water. so she also mentioned a nerve block insteasd of the injections b ut winter is so hard my body i just want to find something to help me move through it. i cant affird to miss any more work. husband and i are working things out slowly on our own with marraige exercuses my mil is a big part of our issues and i need to learn to keep her out. the other day she actaully pushed me several times once into my son