Sugar cravings

Please tell me someone else has this problem and has found a way to stop it. Whenever I go into fibro fog mode I have a HUGE sugar craving. I'll eat a whole muti-pack of candy bars, drink syrupy tea, mix up cookie or brownie dough and eat that. I don't know what to do but I am a little over weight and have a strong family history of diabetes. Any ideas?

Well....IF someone has any ideas on how to stop this....I hope they share them! I am of the same ilk...gotta have cookies, cinna buns, extra sweet chai tea......ahhh - the list is endless. I cannot cook/bake anything whilst in the Fog so I keep the sweets on hand OR should I say IN my hands. ha

i find it interesting that u started this when u did cause the last few weeks all i want is sweets and i have never been this way. ya i like them once in awhile but the last few weeks i find that i want something sweet every day. my only way to stop myself is to not have any sweets in the house its not easy. but ihave found that if i have to get in my car to go get some kind of treat i am usually too tired or lazy to go out so that is helping i hope it will help u too.

Well here you go girls, I read that the reason we crave chocolate is because we need magnesium in our bodies! It is great for the muscles too! Almonds, beans, corn, rice, rye are all high in magnesium.

Could knock out some of those cravings anyway, but gotta tell you, even when nothing else sounds good to me, there's nothing like a chocloate marshmallow milkshake! UMMMMM! LOL!

Boy, I like your reasoning on this. But it makes sense.

I've always been a sweets nut but haven't yet been hit by this aspect.

Interesting b/c I also thought it was just me until this thread came up. I figured that I was so fed up with the whole FM & CFS issue that I was just sabotaging my body. Yes..comfort foods is big on my list too but isn't that just a natural thing to want comfort wherever we can get it?

It's not chocolate cravings for me either BUT SK's choc/marshmallow shake does sound really good...mmm! I've noted that I'm getting that tell-tale spare tire & super thirsty so my Dr. has ordered Diabetes test...Oh No...not that too. Don't want to think of having diabetes ON TOP of my other ailments. And yet....that thought/scare is not enough for me to lay off the sweets NOR push myself into getting more exercise.

So glad you responed to this Eeyoreluver, I will def. go out and buy some magnesium. I don't want the extra pounds that will come with my limited activity and the increased calorie intake. Thank you.